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OH MY GOD-- this was the best turkey burger ever! Next time I'll add in some cayenne too and try with other ground meats. Super good, highly flavorful.

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Lulapucci May 23, 2006

Fantastic! I very rarely review recipes (in fact, this might be my first), but I have to give this recipe huge credit for having a high reality:expectation ratio. I honestly wasn't expecting much from a turkey burger, despite the raving reviews, so I had pretty low expectations going into this. I was expecting a pretty bland burger that dried out easily on the grill. To my surprise, these ended up being very flavorful and about the most moist burgers I've had in a long time. The turkey I ended up with was likely a blend of dark and white meat, so pure ground breast may be more dry. For comparison, I usually use 85/15 beef, mixed with 1 egg/pound, and seasoned appropriately. That said, I made these very close to the recipe, except that I substituted crushed Club crackers in place of the cheese (on the recommendation of another person that felt the cheese made them too soft for grilling); the substitution worked out great, but these would have been even better with the cheese included. I also grilled them over low / medium-low heat for about 10-12 min, flipping at the half way mark. For the record, they held up as well as beef. Where the turkey was cheaper, maybe a tad more healthy, and just as juicy as 85/15 beef, I may be doing these going forward in place of beef burgers. That's says a lot, coming from a red meat fan who doesn't usually care for poultry!

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Mike P. June 18, 2015

Excellent! I tried in a pinch because I was lacking an ingredient for my usual Turkey burger recipe. I looked all through my other cookbooks and other internet recipes and finally settled on this! Will definitely do again. Easy also.

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Jeremy P. January 04, 2015

So delicious! Everybody absolutely raves about these. I eliminate the cheese and add bread crumbs because otherwise they are a bit too soft for grilling. I've used onion when I don't have scallions and they are equally good. I also freeze the patties for a little while before cooking so that they are easier to handle. You really can't go wrong with these--great as sliders too--serve on little potato rolls--yum!!

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HillaryL July 26, 2013

I haven't eaten a turkey burger in a very long time, but decided we need to cut back on fat and calories. After making these tonight, I may never eat a beef burger again! These were delicious! They were moist and so full of flavor! Thank you for posting this great recipe!

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MailbagMary July 03, 2013

Really good turkey burger. My family turned up their nose when I told them turkey burgers for dinner, but after the first bite they changed their mind. These stayed nice and moist, flavorful, and easy to prepare. thank you so much for sharing withus. We lovedthem.

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mommyoffour September 25, 2012

This recipe came out very tasty and moist. DH cooked them on the outdoor grill. I followed the recipe closely, except substituted a couple of Tablespoons of minced regular onion, as I did not have green onion. I may even try to adapt this recipe somehow to make turkey meatballs more appetizing and moist. I am planning to use this recipe again and again for summer cookouts, as I don't find ground beef very appetizing these days.

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Hootenanny June 21, 2012

These were amazingly good. Even my suspicious husband thought they were delish. I used a whole 20.8 package of turkey breast, added 1 teaspoon of olive oil to the mixture and sprayed the patties with olive oil spray in addition to spraying the pan. Other than that, I followed the recipe. I should have started them on medium-low as they started to burn a little bit. They taste just as satisfying as a real burger. When I find ground turkey breast on sale, I am going to make up a bunch of these and freeze them. Thanks so much for sharing a really good recipe.

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msjenjenp February 04, 2012

I love that this is so quick to mix up and the flavor was wonderful. I forgot to add the green onion so I just grilled some onions on the side. I'll make this one again!

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cookiedog January 19, 2012

Very good - Thank you.

I didn't have any green onion so used normal and they where great.

Will add some heat next time I think

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undefinedfunction November 16, 2011
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