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I didn't use all the ingredients listed, so it would be hard for me to rate this fairly. Author did not like my no rating comment and e-mailed me accordingly. I asked our host (Recipezaar) if a comment could be retracted. They replied that it could be replaced... Therefore...I didn't use cardamom or ginger. I didn't use kosher salt or balsamic vinegar or white wine Worcestershire sauce. I didn't measure anything exactly...it gets thrown out anyway...I didn't inject the bird with anything, I just let it soak for many hours. It was a very moist turkey. We liked the flavor and it was great for sandwiches. However, any turkey that is brined is usually moist and flavorful. I liked this recipe, but next time will use #127606. (feel free to say this review was not helpful...)

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cheryl November 29, 2005

I have been using this recipe to inject my tiurkeys before frying them since 2008. Everyone who has eaten my turkey has always raved about it. I use half of the ingredients called forin the recipe. I substitute the white balsalmic vinegar with regular balsamic vinegar and white Worcestershire sauce for regular. I don not use the Cardamon. this Thanksgiving, I used all ground spices and and substituted the garlic for garlic powder and the onion for onion powder. This made injecting alot easier. I usually inject my turkeys 24 hours prior to frying. Thanks for sharing!

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Theresa L. November 29, 2012

Absolutely Awesome! This was by far the best turkey I've ever had. I've been making turkey's for Thanksgiving for 25 years and this tops the list. A little more work ahead of time, but well worth it. I let the bird marinate for 48 hours. Perfectly tender, not a dry bite in the whole bird!

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dreier123 November 24, 2012

This was great. Did not have white wine worchestershire sauce or white balsamic vinigar, so just used white wine vinegar instead. Marinated and injected the turkey on a Sunday, and due to circumstances did not get a chance to cook it until Thursday. It was wonderful and tender. Not salty at all. Smoked the turkey in a smoker which (for me) usually ends up dry. For Thanksgiving I will be using this on smoked turkey breasts, and on/in the regular oven cooked turkey...THANKS

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Princess Flowerbreath November 23, 2009

This recipe was very tasty with all the spices, even thought I forgot to add the garlic & onion! I soaked it for 48 hrs, and injected as instructed. It was super moist, but a tad too salty. Next time I'll use just 3/4 cup salt or brine 24 hrs instead. Great recipe!

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Mauimaidenchef November 29, 2008

Thanks Toby - best turkey I've ever eaten! Jim Clary

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JOCII1 November 25, 2008

I just tried this recipe 12/25/07 and everyone raved about how tender the turkey was but I did not have the white balsamic vinegar,white wine worcestershire,or ground cardamom. What a great recipe and I just put the 14 lb.turkey in about 3 trashbags in the fridge and rolled it around after injecting 24 hrs. Really tender and juicey. Cooked on the grill!!!

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mr_sandman_68 December 25, 2007

We made our first deep fried turkey this year and used this as our brine/marinade. It was delicious! We didn't have the white wine worcestershire or white balsamic vinegar so we just omitted it. Also, we only marinated for about 8 hours and it was extremely flavorful, in fact, I'm not sure I would marinate it any longer if using the refrigerator method rather than the ice chest method. We have an extra fridge, so there was no need to add the ice which dilutes the flavor a bit. Thanks for posting Toby!

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MamaJ November 25, 2007

This recipe made my first Thanksgiving turkey a huge success!!! Everybody went back for thirds on the Turkey and it was so juicy. It was a lot easier to make than I thought and I didn't soak the turkey in it, just injected it into the meat. Definitely will make again. Thanks for making my first cooking Thanksgiving a success!

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wingedone November 24, 2007

Fantastic!!, I used Garam Marsala instead of the Creole Seasoning and brine it in the fridge for about 24 hours I Roasted it in a convection oven for about 3 hours 10 minutes on 500° then 325° for the rest. It was the best turkey I have ever made excellent recipe.

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CunSwim January 01, 2007
Turkey Brine and Injection Marinade