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these are the notes I made for myself on this recipe. turned out marvelous!! I used the frozen turkey in rolls. when I doubled the spices I used 2 and a half rolls. ..... this is a great recipe. we stuffed acorn squash with it, will use in turkey sausage breakfast gravy and add a bit of Italian Mrs Dash and its perfect for spaghetti!! lol love love it!!<br/> my notes....use half the sage, half white pepper to cut down hotness or if you don't care for the pepper taste. half the ceyanne for moms taste no cloves is fine but add a tspoon of brown sugar for sweetness if desired will be making two pds of turkey but winging spices to double recipe.

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sweetatforty September 24, 2013

There are so many things wrong with this recipe that I dont know where to start. First, the amount of sage is way too excessive and totally ruins the recipe. Second, the ratio of spices to meat is way out of wack. There are so many spices that it totally dominates the flavor to the point that you cant even taste the natural taste of the turkey and I added an extra 3/4 of a pound of ground turkey to try to balance it out. Third, when you point this large a quantity of spices in something, it starts to get a gritty dry texture to it, rather than the juicy moist texture you want in a sausage. Also, the ground cloves are out of place in this sausage and make it taste more like a curry. There is also way too much ground clove in this! I've had curry dishes that used far less ground clove, so what you end up is a sausage that tastes more like a bad curry. Another thing is the amount of pepper. OMG! Way too much pepper and then it calls for a little cayenne on top of that! I would say if you think you will like the flavor of this sausage, cut all of the spices in half. In my case, I went with something far more simple. Ground ginger, fennel seed, ground sage, salt and pepper is all I needed to make an absolutely delicious butcher quality sausage.

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mikemike0221 March 22, 2013

We really enjoyed this but next time I will cut back on the cloves.

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ShelliCanCook February 11, 2013

I tried this recipe today for the first time. The recipe is a bit too spicy for my taste, so I will cut back both cayenne and white peppers next time. I used only ground breast meat this time. Next time I will try a blend of white and dark to get a little more moisture into the dish. I'll update with my results.

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halvanhorn January 07, 2013

This recipe makes an awesome breakfast sausage that is soooo much healthier. I tweaked it a bit not using the white pepper, fennel or cloves. I added a teaspoon of regular (no high fructose) pancake syrup per pound and a teaspoon of McCormick Carribean Jerk seasoning, one of the best kept secrets in my cabinet. My family thought it was great! Thanks for sharing with us.

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ptr1225 November 09, 2012

My husband and I are on a very lean protein diet. I modified this to fit our dietary needs and used no oil to cook them. As another reviewer had doubled the "sweet spices" I also did this. I added onion powder and chopped garlic. I had no fennel seed in the house so used carraway and I did have a fennel rub mixture so I added about 2 tsp of that as well. I purchased ground white turkey meat and as it came in a 2.6 pound package it's what I used. Other reviewers stated that this was somewhat dry so I added 2 eggs and 2 TBLS oat bran. I also decreased the cayane to about a 1/2 tsp They were very stcky so took some gymnastics to get from bowl to frying pan (I used a top quality pan that I pre heated without oil or spray) using balls of meat I let them sit in the pan for about a minute then flipped them and flattened them into a pattie. Using a 10" pan I fit 4 patties at a time and cooked for a total of 5 minutes per side. They came out perfect! I am not a big sausage eater but I really liked these and my husband the sausage king loved them. Made approx 25 patties and shared them at work where they were given rave reviews.

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kidneycook February 22, 2012

Definitely pay attention to the part where it is written, "use less pepper if you don't want a spicy taste". I mean I like to taste some heat in sausage but If you use this amount of pepper, you'll definitely have a serious "wake up" call. Forget spicy, this recipe is flat out hot!

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cookcoonut September 08, 2010

I made this for Easter Breakfast. It came out very good. The only thing I would change is to just add a pinch of Fennel. The Fennel came through too strong. Other than that I would make it again.

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dcrawlins April 04, 2010

This was easy to put together and was close to a 'real' breakfast sausage taste though not in texture. I used poultry seasoning in place of the sage, thyme, black pepper, and nutmeg as they are all in there and omitted the cloves altogether. I'll add this to the 'keep' file and will likely make this again.

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Mgnbos February 14, 2010
Turkey Breakfast Sausage Patties