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Tasty pie, but prepping 2 kg of leeks felt like a Herculean task. I wasn't able to roll out the puff pastry as described, so I rolled out one sheet to cover the pan, spread the chestnuts, and rolled out the second sheet on top. (Just needed 100g of roasted, peeled chestnuts.) I enjoyed the healthy gravy. Made for Please Review My Recipe tag game.

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KateL October 27, 2013

Noo, this was lovely! I must apologise as I posted the same recipe, as I had not seen yours! Therefore I am reviewing your version now, as that is the version I made, albeit what I thought was my own recipe, just after Christmas! Ooops! (I have submitted a very much adapted version now, as I have made numerous versions of this pie several times since Boxing Day!) I, like you, orignally left out the chestnuts and sage.....I have added them subsequently, and you must try them, as it is brilliant! A super pie that my family all enjoyed on Boxing day. Happy New Year! FT:-)

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French Tart January 08, 2010

Wow. I really really loved this pie. I left out the chestnuts too because I didn't have any. This is a really tasty recipe. Thanks!

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Kitzy September 16, 2009

This makes one super delicious pie! I love leeks but the finished pie even exceeded my high expectations. And I loved the addition of the chestnuts! And the sage. A fabulous blend of flavours. Next time I make this, I'm going to make sure that I have a really nice stuffing to add too. I didn't have any on this occasion as I had used MsSally's very easy to make Super Easy Crock Pot Turkey Breast and just didn't think to add stuffing or to make some separately. I used my Vegetable Stock and low-fat cream. Thank you so much for yet another wonderful recipe, Noo! We're really looking forward to eating this again tonight, and then again on future occasions. I'll be doubling it next time I make it, and I'm going to also try it with chicken. Made for PRMR.

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bluemoon downunder January 17, 2009
Turkey and Sweet Leek Pie