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I made this with some modifications and it wasn't bad. Instead of turkey, I used Quorn turk'y (vegetarian turkey, WAY less calories, cholesterol-free, almost no saturated fat), Parmesan, dried parsley, veggie broth, and a shallot in place of the onion (in original recipe). By mistake, I left out the egg, but it didn't make the mixture bad. To seal the wrappers, use a mix of an egg white and water + a pastry brush. The first time I made this I didn't use egg white and they came apart in the water. Also, the more accurate cook time is 5-6 minutes, mine were still very raw at 3. The "Gravy" on this recipe goes well with butternut squash ravioli, made it last night and it was FABULOUS.

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HEATHER H. October 18, 2009

This was an adventure... I made this using leftover cooked turkey and homemade pasta. Have to say, I will probably never try making homemade ravioli again, haha, but that's more to do with the pasta side of things. The filling was good though. A noticable turkey/cranberry flavour, which surprised me since ravioli often seems to all taste the same. And it worked out fine with leftover turkey, so no complaints there. Next time I think I'll follow all the directions and just use wonton wrappers though... But I think this one is a keeper. The next day... Since I was too lazy to finish making all this into ravioli, I cut the rest of the pasta into lasagna sheets, and made a white sauce with the rest of the romano and some parsley and tarragon. I assembled it into something loosely resembling lasagna. This stage of things was only worth 2.5 stars, but it was interesting. Bland, if you're curious...

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jess21 December 30, 2008
Turkey and Cranberry Ravioli