Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 1 min

We saw this on "No Reservations"; this is our approximation of it. It is Swedish street food. Amounts are approximations; make this to suit your own ideas. These amounts were based on how I made it tonight. Note: I didn't bother making the shrimp salad. I just layered everything on in the order listed. If you do that, however, you need to chop the apple at the last moment because otherwise it turns brown.

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  1. Make a shrimp salad with the shrimp, mayonnaise, apple and rutabaga.
  2. Slightly heat hotdogs (I microwaved for one minute). Lay tortilla flat. Top with everything in the order listed, ending with the shrimp salad and lettuce.
  3. Fold into an open cone shape and enjoy.
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1st off nothing is really strange to me ,mom florence makes her potato salad kinda similar to this and my dil makes potatoes in tortillas, so i really enjoyed this did cook rutabaga with the mashed. and put lettuce on after pictures .good lunch .hot dog kept wanting to slide out lol

Dienia B. August 27, 2013