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This is fabulously delicious! It made a truly tasty sushi filling. Changes: I cut way down on the oil, and subbed 1/2 sesame oil for an even more Asian flavor. And instead of hot pepper sauce, I crushed some dried hot red peppers. Also, I didn't use as much lime juice---because I didn't have enough. Still tasted great.

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La Dilettante July 15, 2012

Made this for Easter. A huge hit!

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atlgeorgiegirl April 21, 2014

I made half the recipe as part of the menu for a baby shower that I hosted this past weekend. Everyone really like it except for my husband, which is really strange because he loves tuna tartare. He said it had a "weird" flavor! I thought it was a tad too salty, but other than that it was pretty good. Thank you!

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Grace Lynn March 15, 2009

This is an easy and healthy recipe! My changes include halfing the recipe and using wasabi paste instead of powder, approx. 1 tsp. I do recommend that you cut the tuna as instructed i.e. 1/4 inch pieces. Thank you for posting yet another wonderful Contessa recipe.

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Cristina Barry January 12, 2008

Fantastic. The recipe is for 50 servings, so I cut it down to a quarter (eyeballing the measurements on the ingredients), and three of us finished it off as an appetizer. I didn't have seseme seeds, but did have fresh tuna my husband caught in Cabo San Lucas in a fishing tournament just two days earlier - from the time they caught it until it was flash frozen was only about 3 hours. I truly believe that makes all the difference, so get really good, red, fresh tuna for this recipe. It also helps if you cut the tuna while it's about half frozen, then it cuts easily and thaws in a matter of minutes. Next time I might try this in baby lettuce cups or on fried wontons. Absolutely delicious, thanks so much for sharing!

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Kim in Walnut Creek November 14, 2007
Tuna Tartare (Barefoot Contessa) Ina Garten