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This recipe is perfect. I didn't think it was too pickle-y at all. Tastes exactly like what I remember from Sweet Tomatoes. Thank you so much for posting it!

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Jamie38 January 06, 2011

Since this was my favorite dish from Sweet Tomatoes, I decided to use this recipe last year to make it for Thanksgiving and it was a success! So much so, my family now expects me to make this dish ever year for Thanksgiving. It's definitely way more than 6 servings, more like feeding 6 families with 6 members so I would only recommend it for a special occasion. It does not taste to "Pickle-y" at all. This is my second time making it and it came out perfect each time! Thanks for the recipe, Please don't ever take it down!!

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Chef Explorer November 28, 2013

I agree with the immediately previous poster to me. I feel that there seems to be an excess of sweet pickle flavor involved. So much so, that it masked the tarragon and tuna flavors. It certainly makes more than six servings also! I do have a question. Is the amount of pasta directed in the recipe before cooking or after? That may have something to do with the amount that is made in the end. I made my dish with the required amounts before cooking and sure had a whole lot more than six servings! More like twelve servings!

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thedavo3 August 08, 2010

I go to Sweet Tomatoes/Soup Plantation just for this pasta! It is perfect! I used a healthier pasta and it turned out GREAT! So happy to find this recipe!

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genx808 May 05, 2010

This isn't exactly like the original, but its still very good and very close. I did deviate some from this recipe. I used tri-color rotini and didn't add any celery. I didn't measure my dressing mixture at all - just kept adding things and tasting until I had it right. I also ate some of this right away and it was good, but it does get better with time.

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Southern Bug March 29, 2010

I made this after really craving the Sweet Tomatoes one and now not living near the restaurant chain. I made it exactly as listed except I couldn't find spinach fettuccine so used regular. It made way more than 6 servings. We had leftovers for a few days. I liked it although thought it was too heavy on the pickles/pickle juice. I didn't get the taste of tarragon I really craved (I did wait the 8 hours). My husband...a pickle fanatic absolutely loved it and has asked me when I am going to make it again. Though I don't think it matches Sweet Tomatoes...I think it's good especially for a pickle lover like my husband.

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megansundevil August 09, 2009
Tuna Tarragon Salad (Sweet Tomatoes