Tuna Salad Sandwich With a Bite!

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5 mins
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A wonderful change from regular tuna salad sandwich. This is the only way we do it in our house! Note: I didn't notice until March 2010 (took me 8 years) that the ingredient horseradish had somehow defaulted to horseradish sauce. There are many great reviews here from people who used horseradish sauce, so don't be afraid to try it. I have corrected the recipe as it really does call for prepared horseradish, which is much hotter.

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  1. Drain tuna and mix with onion, parsley, mayo and horseradish sauce.
  2. Adjust mayo and horseradish to personal taste.
  3. Spread on bread or in a pita, top with leafy greens and enjoy!
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This was EXCELLANT. My husband was going to make tuna fish sandwiches and I told him I had a new recipe to try so I would make them. He loved the taste. I will definitely be making this again. It is perfect for lunch. I put it on a toasted bagel. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

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THis is a great recipe! My girlfriend is not a horseradish fan so I used just a touch less than called for and we both love it!

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This is a fantastic change from the run-of-the-mill tuna salad sandwich. The red onions and the horseradish make such a wonderful taste sensation. No more plain tuna sandwiches for me!