Tuna Salad Meal (Lite-Bleu)

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

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  1. Mix tuna salad ingredients together well. Cover and refrigerate till needed (or can use right away).
  2. When ready to serve, plate up with the additional items for a nice healthy meal.
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Great dinner or lunch! Pretty, tasty, and filling. DH and I love these kind of meals. Thanks so much for the post.

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My DS & I enjoyed this lovely, fresh-tasting, light lunch! I made the tuna pretty much as written, except that I omitted the salt and added a tiny dab of mustard. I used reduced-fat mayo and water-pack tuna. For the additional items, I put out multi-grain crackers, a quartered Braeburn apple, and red grapes on both our plates, plus a roma tomato and some celery sticks on mine and some cheese on DS's. Note: as I made it, the recipe was 9 WW points per serving. Thanks so much for sharing, 2Bleu! Made for Everyday is a Holiday tag game.

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A very nice meal! I used a little extra celery, left out the pita and added some whole wheat crackers. Thanks!