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This is absolutely wonderful. My friend has a HUGE prickly pear cactus and we put this up every fall and I send it to all my relatives in the Chrismas goodie boxes. I get requests for it from them now. I've had some that didn't set up well but the kids use it as syrup on their pancakes. Also, you can warm in the microwave oven, add some thyme or rosemary(my favorite is thyme)and brush it on roast chicken the last 30 minutes and it is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing.

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Cooking Mom of 7 October 10, 2011

I would love to give this absolutely delicious jelly 5 stars, but I'm only giving it 3 because the recipe does not state when to add the lemon juice, and since I followed the recipe to a T, I didn't realize until the jelly was in the canner that I hadn't added the lemon juice.....much to my extreme consternation! I did some research and learned, fortunately, that the lemon juice is not necessary for food safety, only for taste and jellability and, unfortunately, lack of it did affect my jelly in a negative way: it came out thick and hard to spread, not like a true jelly, although it still tasted great. I used a 1.75 oz. box of powdered pectin instead of the liquid. Also, I only got seven 1/2-pint jars, not 12.

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Goody2shz November 16, 2011

I've never made jelly, kinda scared with all the boiling this and that, i will someday and will try it with this recipe. I did however use this idea to make a slushy. I boiled the fruit in some what, poured it through a sieve, dumped in some sugar, and froze, stirrinng every once in a while. I went shopping and when i returned thare was a delicious cactus fruit slushy waiting for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Chef Coco Nut December 07, 2009

The jelly came out great, although I don't think I boiled it long enough since it came out more like honey than jelly. It is still delicious though! It tastes great on waffles and even ice cream.

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Some Girl July 31, 2007

You haven't lived untill you have eaten some prickly pear jelly. the desert grows some of the best tasting fruit in the country, but guards then very well with spines. Try this it is great.

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mr gene April 28, 2006

I used this recipe and the jelly tastes wonderful! However, since I was unfamiliar with this fruit, I followed the recipe and found the jelly a bit too stiff for my liking. I think my next batch will be only one minute at a rolling boil after I add the sugar and I'll add it all at once, just like my other jellies.
I did singe the fruit to remove those aggravating little spines and I cut the fruit in half to boil for the juice.
Thanks for introducing me to this recipe.

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ladyleo191 November 04, 2012

There is an omission in this (10 year old) recipe. Lemon juice in the ingredients but doesn't say when to add it. That adds pectin and missing it would make it a bit loose. I'd suggest adding it to the tuna juice before bringing it to the first boil and before the sugar or at least that works well for me. I have made it with the liquid pectin as written and it is great. Have also made it just this year with Ball's RealFruit Classic powdered, using 6 TBS to replace the liquid in the recipe, and it is great. <br/><br/>Just a thought for KSStadt, Your review is dated 3rd week of July and I wouldn't expect the tuna's to be ripe enough to use until late August or early September. Or later the farther north of the Mexican border you go. You should try a fresh batch this month or next, and plug in the missing lemons :). You might try one batch using powdered pectin and see if that's better for you. .

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Larry Ford September 08, 2014

I made two seperate batches of this today. Neither of them sat up. It looks like syrup! I followed your recipe to the t. I've made pp jelly before and thought I would use a new recipe to see the difference. What a waste of my prickly pear juice. Why is everyone rating this recipe with so many stars. If you read the reviews hardly anyones jelly sets up! We're not doing it wrong, the recipe is wrong.

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KSStadt July 21, 2014
Tuna ( Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit ) Jelly