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This might be unfair as I have not tasted it -- it does not quite meet my taste requirements for a Moroccan (?) dish. It seems to need the sparkle of more spices. 21 June 07:- FOUND FRESH TUNA yesterday at the fish shop: bought 2 lovely thick steaks! "Paged" through my main cookbook and came across this recipe again. As we're only 2, I used slightly less of the ingredients but did not sub anything, apart from adding a bit of sugar to the tomatoes and a good handful of sultanas (golden seedless raisins) to the cous-cous. The slightly sweet fruitiness went well with the tuna. I did rare steaks, and I didn't serve the yoghurt. We liked it very much indeed, and it was a meal-in-one. AFTER ALL it didn't need any extra spices!! I made a big side salad with it, and we had our usual wine as well! Thanks, Jan, this is different from the usual ways of preparing tuna!

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Zurie June 23, 2007

I made this with slight alterations - no tuna (vegetarian), 3 fresh chopped tomatoes, and added some herbs - 1 tsp of sugar, some salt, lots of pepper, and just a pinch of turmeric (be very careful, dominant!). Turned out divine, my sick partner is gushing over it. By the way, the amount of water is just fine, and this is from someone who lived in the Middle East. Multiply the cups of couscous to get water.

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ksenchan September 21, 2006
Tuna over Tomatoes, Chickpeas and Couscous