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Firstly, I have not had this dish at Flemings so I cannot compare it. I liked this recipe overall, but my family still has trouble with rare tuna. I like it that way, but will cook it my family member's pieces to medium well (boo-hiss, I know). Most of my family thought the crust was overwhelming, but I enjoyed it. I found the tomato sherry topping to be too tart; next time I think I would try it with sherry, instead of sherry vinegar. That might change the recipe completely, but I think for me would make it better.

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Cook4_6 April 26, 2011

Well the 1st time I made this recipe i used a chunk of not-so-fresh tuna that under normal circumstances would have been unbearable but the tomato, shallots, onion and viniger blinded the bad tuna and instead of worrying about e.coli or malaria i truly enjoyed the taste of my bad tuna.The second time I made it with good tuna and it was ridiculously good definitely deserveth of the 5 stars

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Ewood January 29, 2005
Tuna Mignon With Tomato Sherry Vinaigrette