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Gave this 4 stars only because I have no idea what happened with my batch! My mix was so wet that I had to do them like teeny tiny drop biscuits!! Maybe I did something wrong. I'll have to try again. 1 of my 3 kitties seems to like them but the neighbor kitties like them better!! One was rolling all over his because of the catnip in it and the other was throwing his up in the air like a mouse before devouring it!! At least I know that they'll be eaten by some kitties even if they're not my own!!

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catsoplenty March 15, 2010

Go figure, my extrodinarily finicky "house guest" turned his nose up on these dashing my hopes of taking cute pictures of him enjoying his home baked treats. I made this as directed chosing vegetable oil over cod liver. Rather than making balls, I rolled this out into ropes about the thickness of my thumb and sliced it - a bit faster than rolling balls and pressing them. Endedup with about 24 disks in total. Planning to visit the catsnext door to see if they are more appreciative.

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justcallmetoni November 12, 2006
Tuna Kitty Treats