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The kind of recipe I'm looking for, now that it's just my husband and me. I usually have rocket in my garden, and I adore it. I like all the flavours used here, and I'm saving this recipe to my cookbook. (Written in Aug 2005) It's now Feb 2007, (to my shame) but last night I made your recipe, not for us, but to take over to an old couple. (I already had a Zaar chicken in the oven for us). I did not have tomato pesto, but used a few chopped sundried, bottled-in-oil tomatoes and added a pinch of sugar. The dish looked colourful and healthy, and of course I tasted it before giving it away: it was, as I had thought it would be, 5-star!! I heated it myself in the old peoples' microwave to make sure it didn't overcook but it was still warm anyway, and came out looking perfect. Thanks!!

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Zurie February 03, 2007

This is great! I didn't have sun-dried tomato pesto, so I used some cut up sundried tomatoes, a little extra olive oil and fresh basil. I didn't cook the arugula and only used half the onion and garlic (work lunches, didn't want to be too stinky!) Tossed the whole thing with butterfly pasta. YUM! Thanks for sharing. Oops. I forgot to add the olives. Ah well. I still can add them tonight. :)

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dicentra January 21, 2007

This is a really nice and simple meal, quick to make. The flavours blend really well together. I would have never thought of actually cooking with rocket, rather than just having it as it is in salads, but it definitely works well in this dish, it adds a nice crunch to it. The only thing I left out was the chopped Kalmata Olives as I don't really like olives that much. Thanks for sharing I'll be making this again.

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-Sylvie- November 26, 2004
Tuna and Arugula (Rocket) Pasta