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If by chance there are too many suds when rinsing out...sprinkle a bit of salt on them. They will dissappear immediately.

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Sparkee January 30, 2012

I found this on Pinterest. This stuff is AMAZING! I used a little less Dawn because there was just too many suds. Leave it sit for a few minutes and no scrubbing is required. My tub is so clean and sparkly now!

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~Sherry~ December 13, 2011

This is surprisingly super for removing soap scum off of faucets and bathtubs. It helped shine the faucets and got rid of the stuff that I normally have to scrub and scrub from the corners of the tub. I love how it makes the bathroom smell fresh and clean too and not like chemicals. Definitely a keeper for my cleaning routine from now on. Found in the I Recommend tag game.

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HokiesMom March 16, 2011

I just recently started using this and find it is awesome! I own a cleaning service and I am always looking for inexpensive cleaning products that do their job. Here is a tip that I do with this. I purchased a small 4.5 qt size handheld garden sprayer. After heating the vinegar, I pour it into the sprayer bottle and add the Dawn. Then pump up the bottle and you have a continuous spray instead of constantly pumping a trigger. I have some arthritis and this is so much easier plus you get that light steady mist that covers evenly.

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smt50 May 02, 2012

Because this has been asked many, many times in Q & A, I want to say that you only heat this to mix it, you do NOT heat it every time you use it! Hope it works for you ; )

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zeldaz51 July 17, 2012

This stuff IS magic- it is AMAZING!! I have an older bathtub and usually have to scrub and scrub to remove the deposits. But with this I literally wipe away dirt and soap scum with nothing more than a wash cloth. And the blue color lets you know exactly what you still have left to clean. This will save me hours of cleaning. Thank you Bobbin! [Made for the All You Can Cook special]

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averybird August 05, 2011

Love it! I used 7th Generation dish soap and it worked great.I still have some soap scum left ao I am going to try it again with the Dawn to see if there is a defference. Either way it worked so much better than me scrubbing for hours with a magic eraser! Oh, it left the fixtures extra shiney!

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Chef Jean August 25, 2011

This works great on getting rid of soap scum! I have ceramic tile bathtubs....yes they are made of pieces of tile with grout! The whole tub, not just the walls! This didn't get rid of stains on the grout, but it did work wonderfully on getting rid of the soap scum. I also saw this in the Everyday Cheapskate newsletter, and had totally forgotten about it. Thanks for posting it to remind me of a good thing!

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breezermom March 06, 2011

I really like this...as other reviewers stated, the scent is so much easier to take than yucky-chemically stuff...as I get older I tend to get rash and woozy from harsh household cleaning products &I had just about completely decided to give up on cleaning altogether-lol- this recipe may just make me have to take up the past-time again ;)- I jest a bit...it really does a great job on cleaning ( I use it for sink, tub and potty too & in the kitchen and laundry sinks- great "scum" remover), is a bit healthier and a $ saver too!!! thanks for the share- I passed the idea to my sis and mom...reviewed for "I Recommend..."

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free-free February 27, 2011

Was surprised how well this worked. My glass shower doors are horrible and we've tried everything including the most caustic cleaners and elbow grease. While they're not pristine after one use, I can see a definite improvement and hope over time and use it will improve. I went to town on a couple of test spots with a scrub brush and can see a difference, that's never happened with other cleaners. Doesnt take much to be effective. Smell isn't bad, slight vinegar odor but not like commercial chemicals that eat away your nasal passages. One note for people finding this difficult to rinse: I assume this calls for classic Dawn, not the newer ultra concentrated versions. I found a 14oz bottle at Walmart for 98 cents. This does make the shower floor very slippery so be careful. Loved this on my granite kitchen sink as well. Thanks for sharing!

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LonghornMama March 12, 2012
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