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found problems in the cooking time. 30 minutes was not enough time to cook in the dried onion flakes or for the chili powder to cook into the sauce. Suggestion is to add the chili powder into the beef after it is brown and let simmer a minute or two. the oils will help to make the chili power blend better into the sauce. Also I boosted up the beef flavor by adding a teaspoon of "BETTER THAN BOUILLION" paste. I simmered the sauce for an hour and let set overnight to marry the flavors. It is pretty close, but now that I have an idea I will try again. I know that I like the wienerschnitzel chili dogs and when in an area where there is a stand I have a couple for lunch of snack. In our area there is none to stop at. Tomorrow will try the sauce with dogs on my friends and get a real taste test. Robert from the Land Of Enchantment.

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Chef Robert in Tularosa NM August 05, 2002

I have been making this chili sauce long before I even knew about ZAAR. I doen't know how close it is to the original recipe they were trying to clone....but to be honest....myself and the friends I have given this recipe to (at their request) doen't really care! It is just one great chili sauce and especially so the next day after it was made...!!! This definitely deserves a high rating.

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Rick B(2) November 20, 2003

My family enjoyed this with hotdogs and I tossed in a can of chili beans and enjoyed it for lunch.

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Miss Fannie May 23, 2013

A very good recipe that helped me perfect my own version of Weinerschnitzel chili. I found this one a little acidic and vinegary, due to the amount of tomato paste and vinegar. I submitted my own version of this recipe to the site, so check it out. Thank you Mysterygirl for putting me in the right direction.

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firemandave October 16, 2011

Just made this and it's darn close to the real deal. I made it exactly like the recipe and it did not disappoint. Just one note and that's to cut the salt by half. Other than that yummy

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bkrieger October 06, 2011

Good start to something great! Went with 1 lb of hamberger and 3/4 lb sausage. Used chicken broth since I didn't have beef. Mustard instead of vinegar. Next time I'll brown the meat and add to broth then cut down the liquid, starch and flour about half. Not a bad beginning!!!!!!

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Chef PigseyeBBQ December 11, 2010

5 stars for ease and taste. I did alter the recipe a bit incorporating everyone's tips: added 1 1/2 tsp cumin, dash of cayenne, onion flakes and chili powder to the browned beef then simmered for a few minutes before continuing. Sub'd 1 T yellow mustard for vinegar and used 4 cups of water instead 6, adjusting the thickeners accordingly. I also tossed in a boullion cube for extra flavor. It came together in less than 30 minutes, was absolutely delicious. Thanks to many for the recipe and all of the suggestions!

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starfish December 06, 2010

I read all the reviews on this chili and decided to try it using the changes recommended by the reviewers. I add the 1 1/2 tsps of cumin and the pinch (1/4 tsp) of Cayenne. Also increased the salt to 1 1/2 tablespoons. My wife was cooking at the same time and I grabbed the 1/4 cup measure for the chili powder and added it to the dry ingredients and stirred them up only to discover I had used a third of a cup measure. I made the chili anyway and thanks to whoever entered this, I no longer need to worry about getting to DER wienerschnitzel.----PJ

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cz75lang June 16, 2010

really good chili, but not Wienerschnitzel. I also tried them side by side. Something is missing. It's a real prominent flavor that goes right up the nose when you smell it. But I can't figure out what it is. Wish someone could! Also agree that more salt and cumin is better.

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dipdog April 08, 2009

Made exactly as written, I can only give this three stars. It really didn't taste much like Wienerschnitzel's chili sauce to me. In particular, it had a very strong vinegary bite to it and not enough of a spice bite. It did improve a bit after being refrigerated overnight, but was still too vinegary and still not "Wienerschnitzel." So today, after sitting in the frig two nights, I pulled it out, put it back on the stove and added 1-1/2 teaspoons of cumin and a pinch of cayenne. NOW we're talking. Still not "exact" but really, really close.

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AnnArtisan March 12, 2009
TSr Version of Wienerschnitzel Chili Sauce by Todd Wilbur