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Exactly like starbucks!!!

Here are my tips:

- Baking is an exact science (unlike cooking which can be tampered with). never stray from the quantities given. remember that the principal ingredients of most deserts are the same, its the quantities that make a muffin different than a cupcake, biscotti, bread..etc

- freeze your butter.. it has to be cold. dont use warm or room temperature butter.. see first argument

- DONT overmix the flour with the wet ingredients, that will cause the scones to not be soft and be more bread-like.. i.e. do not activate the gluten in the flour too much.

- flour your knife when cutting the scones so that the knife cuts perfect shapes for you

- flour your hands and surface while manipulating the dough since it is a very very wet dough (it's supposed to be wet, yes)

- dont be cheap with the spices, pumpkin is almost flavorless

- use a large chef's knife of course, if you dont own one... drop everything and go buy one, not for this recipe but its a weapon

- use a large cookie sheet to get good spacing and parchment paper to get a nice crisp bottom. prepare this sheet before you get your hands dirty. while you are at it, start preheating the over as soon as you walk into the kitchen. 15 minutes. (thats how long it will take you to prepare everything).

- i cheated and bought pumpkin pie spice, which comes a mix of nutmeg, ginger, allspice, cinamon, cloves... and maybe even cardemom.. i was going to buy cloves because thats the only spice i was missing, but what the hey. it came out perfect

- bake thick pastries like this one at the TOP side of your oven, otherwise the bottoms will burn before the time is up

- NEVER open the oven until almost time. it will give a drastic temperature drop which will mess with the recipe.. see argument 1.

- the best way to know the scones are ready is when you start to smell them.. when you do, leave them in for a couple more minutes and then they will come out perfect, no need to even test them

- i spread the white glaze with a spoon, and the spiced glaze with a fork. very good results. i only made the first glaze.. topped the scones, and then dumped the spices in the left overs to create the 2nd glaze.. didnt need a second batch of sugar.

- dont start making the glaze until the scones have cooled a bit. take this time to clean up if you like. this is because you dont want the sugar to firm up before it is ON the scone.

- im a classic person, so i made them the starbucks size. and i wouldnt stray 1 bit from the recipe. but it might make sense for someone else to make them smaller. just so people will not be hesitant to take a 2nd one. maybe next time i'll make mini scones and take them to the office.

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nadindin July 13, 2011

DOUBLE THE SPICES!! Seriously. I just finished baking these and I so regret not doubling the spice. And I think they would REALLY benefit from a little orange zest, too. They're not particularly pumpkin-y, which doesn't make them bad, but I imagine you could substitute butternut squash easily. If you plan to skip the glaze, increase the sugar by a couple of tablespoons. I just made the spiced glaze, which is good, and I'm glad I did. I think the scone needs the little sugary drizzle to really hit the spot.
I cut these into 12 scones rather than six and I'm glad I did. I think the Starbucks similarity in this recipe comes primarily from the giant sized pieces, not much else. I think would do really well cut with a biscuit cutter to really highlight how the layers separate and wave.
Nice product.

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corrina_milito November 20, 2010

I am enjoying one right now on this cool Halloween morning, these are delicious. I opted for the spice glaze, but made it a tad different. I always make a powdered sugar glaze by heating up 1-2 tsp butter and a few Tbs heavy cream. Then add in the PS and spices, oh and always a touch of vanilla. I also added a touch of vanilla to the scone dough. Great recipe!

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winterrace October 31, 2009

I had to give 5 stars because they were too good not to even though they do not taste like the Starbucks pumpkin scones. This is the first review I've written in 10+ years of using internet recipes, that's how good I and everbody else thought they were. I agree with doubling the spices and please don't consider skipping the glaze.

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kenilse June 26, 2010

SO amazing. One of the few recipes in which I will say: do not change a THING! I cut mine in 8ths or 12ths simply to lower the caloric intake temptation. WOWIE ZOWIE these are something special. And do NOT leave out the spice frosting! Oh, and tastes just like Starbucks. :)

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Kabwe Cook June 12, 2011

Amazingly scrumptious scones! I tweeked the recipe somewhat... used freshly baked and pureed butternut squash (naturally sweet so I cut sugar by 1 Tbsp). I also doubled the spices and added some freshly crushed cardomon seeds and allspice.

For the white icing glaze I mixed 1 cup icing sugar with the juice of 1 lemon (2Tbsp) and a 1tsp of Grand Marnier - this gives a nice zing to the glaze and cuts the sweetness down considerably. For the spice glaze I replaced the milk with eggnog for more flavour.

Took these in to work yesterday and they dissapeared of the plate. Light & feathery!!

I find the amount of flour is right if you want to keep the scones light. To make the dough easy to work with, do not overmix, turn the dough onto a heavily floured board and roll the dough ball several times to coat outside so it can be easily shaped - do not knead or overwork.

These are a keeper - bon appetite!

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Gardums January 05, 2011

These are awesomet! We don't like real sweet scones, so I skipped the glazes completely. I just brushed the scones with beaten egg and sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar before baking. Absollutely perfect! I'm not a morning person, so the night before I mixed up the dry ingredients using the food processor to cut in the butter. I then mixed up the wet ingredients and put it all in the frig separately. The next morning all I had to do was mix, shape and bake. Worked perfectly and our house guests devoured them!

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Houston77019 December 21, 2010

I have made these scones 2 times within the last 3 days. The first time I followed the recipe exactly, I just cut the scones into 12 servings rather than 6. They would have been HUGE if I had left them as is. For the second batch I used heavy cream instead of half and half, added about 1 cup of chocolate chips, and omitted the icing. Both ways are amazing! I omitted the icing the second time because I was making them for my 18 month old and I didn't think he would care!

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bellysmom December 27, 2011

Very easy and very good. I was expecting more of a pumpkin flavor, but it really just tasted like a spice cake to me. Still good though. I only used the spiced icing, and there was PLENTY to cover the 6 scones. Next time I will cut these into smaller individual pieces (because 1 piece was too much for one sitting) to have a higher yield.

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Southern Bug December 04, 2009

I agree with the 100 5 star reviews! I made a few small changes and might make a few more next time. In the dough I used sour cream instead of milk, adding about 1.5 extra tablespoons. I cut both glaze recipes in half and it was just the right amount of each. Any more would be too much. For the spiced glaze I used pumpkin pie spice instead of the individual spices, and I might do the same for the scones themselves next time. Also, for the glazes I substituted French Vanilla non-dairy creamer instead of milk. The vanilla flavor was nice and masks some of the powder sugar taste. As other reviewers have noted, I think it might be nice to double the spices in the scones. These are not very sweet, which is a good thing. I cut the dough into 8 triangles which made nice sized scones. I arranged the wedges on the parchment paper about 1/2 inch apart, allowing for more even cooking. They were perfectly done in 14 minutes.

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Crunchy Numbers March 05, 2011
TSR Version of Starbucks Pumpkin Scones by Todd Wilbur