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I have been making cheddar bay biscuits for a few years now, but this is absolutely THE best I have ever used! The cold butter really does the trick, making for fluffy, soft biscuits. I freeze the half stick before chopping, and leave it in the freezer even after chopped, until i've mixed the cheese with the garlic powder andd bisquick. I try to chop it into thin slices and then slice those for very small pieces of frozen butter. I mix them in just before the milk, making sure not too many are sticking together. I find that this helps even out the consistency of the moisture pockets the butter provides, making for the perfect texture. Everyone loves these and they hardly last long at all when I make them. I am always asked for the recipe and this is the one I provide.

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Cypress July 10, 2012

This is definitely the best of the dozens of attempts I've tried to copy this recipe. I couldn't even get the recipe from a very close friend who worked in the RL kitchen... This has helped my baked goods repertoire considerably, and even finally made my pastry-challenged cooking ability understand the subtle intricacies of the Southern biscuit. I also lightly froze the cheddar which kept it more visually distinct. Oh, and a wee bit over on the butter and cheese never hurt anyone... :) Tip: make sure your Bisquick is fresh.. I used the last of a 2-year-old imperial ton-sized box I'd bought from Sam's; the leavening does lose its punch over time.

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jdennys March 02, 2011

EXCELLENT!! My family thought they were better than Red Lobster's biscuits and I have to agree. I used slightly more butter by mistake and they couldn't have been better. So easy! Thanks for sharing!

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Punky Julster August 28, 2011

Awesome recipe! These are delicious. I usually have terrible luck with biscuits, but these are fool-proof. This recipe is a keeper for me. Thanks Heather'sKitchen for a great recipe. Made for Let's P-A-R-T-Y! ~~2011~~ tag game.

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KimmieCat1 December 26, 2011

OUTSTANDING! You did it! These are better than Red Lobster's. Thank you Heather. Simple and easy using good ole Bisquick, they couldn't be faster. <br/> I followed the recipe exactly and have made them over a dozen times over the past 2 months as my 26 year old well-educated handsome single son is 'addicted' to these and will happily devour half of them just out of the oven when he drops by. <br/>I do have 2 small suggestions, <br/>1) I would suggest to watch the biscuits carefully so that they do not over bake and over brown on either the top or bottom - it makes a huge difference. And I also find that spacing them very closely together on the bake sheet makes them even more tender. <br/>2) If y'all are a nice young woman looking to impress a suitor Southern style, just bake these up Honey. You just may get a proposal outta him....... ;-)

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csgeddes April 19, 2013

I wouldn't have bought the book if I knew the recipe is on this site, however I made some modifications to the way I make it. I add 1/2 cup more grated cheddar to the recipe. I take 3 to 4 large garlic cloves and blend them with the milk in the blender before adding to the recipe.

I also use two cloves of freshly grated garlic in the butter smear. Sometimes I will add herbs like parsely or chives to the dough. They are always a crowd pleaser.

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Ellixstraz September 10, 2012

Adding butter to the batter makes this recipe the best of the copycat recipes for these biscuits. They are richer and far more tender than the recipe that omits the butter. I use a good scoop so that they are uniform in size and they brown beautifully. We love garlic, so I use a full teaspoon instead of a 1/4 tsp. in mine.

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Chilebeanz April 20, 2013

Just made these and they turned out great! I had to use 1% milk but they tasted exactly like Red Lobster ones!

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ladybird3 January 20, 2013

What a great copycat! And also as being new to cooking, the trick of putting COLD butter in biscuits is a great little secret I'm glad to have! I've begun doing this in any biscuits I make and even cookies! It really does make anything more rich, fluffy and flavorful! Thank you very much for your post!

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Katies911 August 27, 2011

I read this yesterday and tried it that night it yielded about 15 biscuits and my family ate them all even the neighbor! Things I thought of were to oil my hands since it is easier to form the biscuits when using bisquick and also I may try them in cupcake pan for easy forming. The receipe is fantastic! Will be doing this for christmas dinner.

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Amy B. November 06, 2013
TSR Version of Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits by Todd Wilbur