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For everyone saying that this doesn't taste like real Popeye's chicken, I can tell you all why. I used to work at Popeye's many years ago when I was high school. There are 2 main discrepancies in this recipe which are: (1) How to Season and (2) How to Fry the chicken. I personally seasoned the chicken on may occasions, and although it was prepackaged from the main New Orleans warehouse, it had a LOT of cayenne pepper. We used long rubber gloves to mix the seasoning with the chicken. I'd still end up with seasoning on my upper arms and they would burn for hours afterwards. My eyes would burn as well from the fumes. This recipe calls for a teaspoon of cayenne, but you'll need to, at the very least, double that. I'd say you'd want to triple it to 3 teaspoons. I also remember a faint vinegar smell to the chicken as well while seasoning, so it was either Tabasco sauce or just plain vinegar. I'd wager it was Tabasco, though. How much Tabasco to use? You'd have to experiment. We also would let the chicken sit overnight in the cooler in storage bins to marinate the seasoning, and that is key as well. Not sure if it makes any difference, but we always used Tyson brand chicken, which many grocery stores carry. As for frying, the batter was actually a light milky color, not straight eggs and seasoning. I'm not sure what made it milky, but I'd guess it was (surprise!) milk. It may have been cream, also. Again, you'd have to play with it to get it right. I do know the batter and the flour was seasoned as well. I'd bet you could use the same seasoning on the chicken, minus the Tabasco, for the flour and then add the seasoning and Tabasco to the batter. I do know for sure that we double-battered the chicken. This gives it the really thick, crispy crust we all love! For those who aren't familiar with a double-batter, it's simply dipping the chicken in the batter and flour, shake and then repeat your batter dip again. Remember to shake the chicken after each dip! We used round wire baskets with a wire handle to put the chicken in for battering. This allowed for quick dipping, shaking, dipping and then a final shake in just a few seconds. We never waited to put the chicken in the grease after battering. I'll also add that since the chicken is double-battered, you may want to increase the heat somewhat, or you may end up with soggy, undercooked chicken. Hope this unveils a bit more of the mystery of how to make Popeye's fried chicken! P.S. I know everyone loves Popeye's biscuits, and I do too, but if you knew what was in it, you may think twice. The recipe is about 1/2 shortening for the mix :). I think each biscuit is around 500 calories, so tread lightly (pun intended!).

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nevaro April 11, 2013

This is great,but I made one little change that made all the difference in the world! I added I TBSP of Old Bay seasoning to the flour mixture. What a taste sensation!

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Cochise September 01, 2012

Good stuff! Golden brown, crispy, great flavor! For those of you that need temps and times: 350 degrees worked great. Cooked the dark meat about 14-16 minutes. Light meat about 10-12. Kept it hot in a 200 degree oven while I cooked french fries. Thanks a bunch!

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Chef Ali L July 08, 2010

We like spicy foods and I've never had Popeye's so I personally can't comment on its similarity to that (My husband did say that it wasn't similar at all to Popeye's) . However, instead of having a well rounded spicy taste, the flavor was dominated by the white pepper, making it one dimensional and lacking in interest.

Overall the taste wasn't bad, but it's not a recipe I would try again.

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Twiggyann May 02, 2012

I was very disappointed in this recipe. Did not taste like Popeyes at all. Really didn't have much flavor. I will give stars for the crispy coating but that is about it. Print and shred pile. Sorry, but big disappointment.

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Kris Holsti April 09, 2013

My GOD this was terrible. It was nearly tasteless. I thought with all that pepper it would have some sort of bite, but nothing. It would probably need at least a tablespoon of cayenne just to give it some flavor. Oh and it tastes NOTHING like popeyes.

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Patience72385 April 09, 2013

My husband loves Popeye's, but it is so bad for you. I thought I would try to make it at home, for a moderately healthier version. I followed the recipe, however I oven "fried" it. Maybe this was my dish's downfall, but I doubt it - I have oven fried many different chicken dishes before, and they were always successful. This chicken just tasted like it was coated in flour, no flavor whatsoever. I was really disappointed - definitely will not be using this recipe again.

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hillikerml_9046741 February 16, 2013

I made this recipe to the letter, and its mediocre at best. I've eaten a LOt of popeye's chicken and worked there for quite a while, and I can easily and honestly say this recipe isn't even close. It was wonderfully crispy, and the chicken was very moist, but the breading was very bland, almost tasteless, and in that I was quite disappointed. The breading just didn't have any flavor. Perhaps more generous on the seasonings would help. Again, the crispness was awesome in itself, so experiment a little and maybe you'll have better luck in the taste department.

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Loriellen1964 January 13, 2013

This recipe is HORRIBLE! It wasn't even slightly spicy, as you would think it would be per the white and cayenne peppers in it. Plain Fried Chicken with just salt and pepper is better than this! My condolences to the submitter of this recipe.

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techiatry January 29, 2008

I can tell you for sure that they use donut flour to fry the chicken.

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a6falcon5_451664 November 30, 2012
TSR Version of Popeye's Fried Chicken by Todd Wilbur