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Okay, so I went into making this recipe with a very pessimistic view. I've heard non-stop negative reviews for attempts to make the Olive Garden dressing. First, I purchased the original bottle at Olive Garden. Wayyy too expensive, there's hardly any dressing, and you're paying for a heavy glass bottle! I was running low, so I wanted to try a few recipes. Thank god I tried this one first... I followed it to par, using light corn syrup and everything else as listed. I let it chill for 3 hours while I ran errands, came back, and sampled each dressing on a plate. Yes, it was very tart, and I'd have to agree, it wasn't quite Olive Garden's dressing. It needed more garlic powder in addition to the fresh garlic. I added probably about 1 1/2 tsp of garlic powder and voila! PERFECT, if not BETTER... The bottled one tastes more bland, and that's probably because of preservatives. This recipe is brighter in taste than the bottled Olive Garden one. Definitely my favorite now...And seriously, side by side, they look almost identical. This recipe turned out a little more yellow than the bottled Olive Garden one, and a little more rustic and chunky than the bottled one, but over all wayyyy better than Olive Garden's own!!! Totally a keeper. Just add more garlic powder at the end. :) Yay! THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting it!!!!!! <3

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misses_soulful December 02, 2009

We LOVED this. My only recommendation is to let it chill longer than an hour. A day, if possible. We ate it after 2-3 hours of chilling, and it was semi-bland with an after taste of the olive garden dressing. However, the next day, the flavors had married together and the dressing was PERFECT. Absolutely great!!

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nacm07 June 18, 2010

We loved this dressing. Left ouf the pectin and not sure how it would have changed flavor more but this was delicious. Thank you

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jellyko September 26, 2010

Very good. However, the first time I made it, the white wine vinegar was overpowering and gave a strong vinegar taste and it was much too tart. I made it a second time, used seasoned rice vinegar and it was surpurb!

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lloydnkelly May 09, 2010

While we didn't feel it was an exact duplicate of Olive Garden it does make an acceptable substitute an is closer in texture than anything else I've tried. It is pleasantly tart, slightly sweet, and creamy. It held well several days. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

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Susie D July 07, 2010

I made this for a family gathering at Christmas time and everyone loved it. It does taste better after sitting in the fridge overnight, but I don't think it was bad before that either. The only modifications I made was to add more cheese, and thats just because we all love cheese. Thank you for the recipe! It is definately one that I will continue to use, especially since my husband has already requested that I make it again!

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mommy2johnbug January 21, 2010

Great dressing! The closest Olive Garden is 2 hours away so I can't just run out and pick some up< thanks!

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sxycndngrl_78 February 17, 2010

There are enough good reviews that I must have done something wrong. Runny, wet and flavorless. The pectin didnt seem to help with the consistency at all. I threw out one batch and made another. I left in in the fridge overnight thinking that maybe the problem was that it needed to sit for a while. I served this the next day on a green salad and the family hated it. It was like cloudy water with a little seasoning in it. This was the worst result I have ever had.

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LeslieBham December 30, 2009

you can buy the dressing from Olive Garden for 4.50

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amcgeeb December 10, 2009

Great Italian dressing-just a bit acidic, but it is Italian, not supposed to be sugary sweet. Prepared exactly as recipe was written. For those who didn't like it-I'm guessing that they didn't allow enough time for the flavors to meld together, I tried some directly afterwards-UGH-tasted like vinegar. This recipe is a keeper for sure. I can't say that this tastes like Olive Garden, since we don't have that in our neck of the woods, but was an excellent dressing.

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lets.eat July 11, 2009
TSR Version of Olive Garden Italian Salad Dressingby Todd Wilbur