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My DH claims these tacos tasted just like JIB. He took one bite and smiled saying..."Mmmmm memories..." Only change that was made was putting the meat and all seasonings with the refried beans in the food processer for a little while...it gave the meat and beans the perfect texture! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! This was a winner!

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1Roze4me August 27, 2010

OK...I am not one that would normally change a recipe. The closest Jack in the Box to NY is in South Carolina and I've been craving these for years! I tried this recipe. The cosistency of the meat was great but the flavor was not as spicy. I played around and think I have it mastered! You be the judge! Instead of regular refried beans I used the Old El Paso (Green Chiles) Refried Beans. Additionally, instead of using chili powder I used the Old El Paso (Hot & Spicy) Taco seasoning Mix. They are incredible! Does anyone have any ideas as to how to keep the shells from splitting when folded? I tried warming them....it helps somewhat but doesn't elimiate the problem completely.

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blocky January 04, 2011

To all of you that are complaining because the ingredients aren't the same as JITB tacos, listen up. This is a recipe created by Todd Wilbur, known for his Top Secret Recipes cookbooks. He explains in his books that even if he got the exact recipe, it would be useless because it contains ingredients that the home cook can't get. So what he does is CLONES the dish. He uses easy to find ingredients and gets as close as possible to the real thing. Ok?

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KimberLovesTMBG August 21, 2010

We love Jack in the Box tacos! Also, wanted to let "blocky" know a trick to getting the tortillas warm enough so they won't split... Warm them up on a griddle, (like you would cook pancakes on) at about 375ยบ; cooking the tortilla on one side until it starts to steam, then flip it over and steam on other side until tortilla is soft/pliable. Don't keep them on too long or they'll start to get crisp. Then fill them as directed in the recipe. Another way to do it is to heat a bit of vegetable oil in a pan and "fry" them a bit to get them soft. But, the griddle way should work fine and you won't have twice the oil. Good luck!

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Piper Lee April 13, 2011

Also works with the premade shells. Heat the empty shells in the oven for about 10 minutes then add the cheese and meat/bean mixture and bake for 10-20 minutes. I always ask for extra extra packets of sauce from JIB for occasions like this. It is less greasy, but still tastes good.

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mestasmama September 24, 2014

The secret is to use Libby's Canned Corned Beef, NOT Ground Beef, and follow the recipe as printed.

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Lloyd R. March 06, 2014

Not quite yet folks. I have keen taste buds, and after making this I remembered their sauce had a sweet bent to it. If you'll mix your taco salsa half Pace (or your fav brand) and half Howards Sweet pepper relish you'll have the exact flavor.

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Maryjanecc January 28, 2014

I made these for DH's birthday as he loved these tacos. They turned out perfect and he was in heaven. Thank you for sharing with us.

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mommyoffour September 16, 2013

Although fattening and greasy, these are delicious! My husband could only eat 3, so I had a lot leftover which is perfect for lunches. He said these were the best 'fast food' style tacos he's ever had :D

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AlainaF September 10, 2013

A new favorite! I had a little ground turkey left over from another recipe and wanted to stretch it out in order to make tacos. I'm so glad I found this recipe. Adding the refried beans not only made the meat go further, it help keep it in the tacos. I hate when I take a bite of a taco and half the meat falls on the plate. The seasoning was right on. I used La Victoria green taco sauce. I made my tacos as usual, not using American cheese, but I'll have t give that a try someday. This will the only way I make taco filling from now on. Thanks for posting!

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Lucky in Bayview September 30, 2012
TSR Version of Jack-In-The-Box Tacos by Todd Wilbur