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FABULOUS. Easy as pie too - well, I didn't do all the rolling and refrigerating. I just made dough into little balls with my hands, flattened with my fingers onto the cookie sheet (covered in parchment paper) to make thin cookies and called it good. Cooked 10 minutes, cooled. While cooling on a rack, I made up the chocolate, and dipped after the cookies had cooled - 10 minutes. Put whole batch into fridge. SO GOOD. Made bigger cookies and got about 4 dozen. I will definitely make these again. UPDATE: I made this a second time and used Moist Deluxe Dark Chocolate Cake Mix(Copycat-Duncan Hines) Moist Deluxe Dark Chocolate Cake Mix(Copycat-Duncan Hines) in place of the boxed cake mix, and it was excellent. Just make the copycat boxed part - don't include the "add" ingredients to actually make the cake. It was not quite as quick, but definitely a good alternative if you don't want all the chemicals / preservatives of the mix. UPDATE: I've made these since for a bake sale making really big cookies, and they FLEW out the door. One guy kept coming back for more and more! Pretty funny. Also every time I do these, I run out of chocolate for dipping - so maybe make a little extra.

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PBF August 19, 2011

Hi! I did make these last week and they are REALLY just like the GS thin mints. I tended to make the wafers too thin, so don't be tempted to roll them too much. As a result of my making them too thin, I burned a batch, but with that mint-chocolate coating you could hardly tell! Another goodie from TSR! Anyway, just thought i would let everyone know I did try this and this is what they're like! :-)

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spatchcock August 06, 2002

I used Andes chocolates instead of the peppermint mixture. Easier and turns out amazing

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shellyl1107 February 03, 2011

These really need 12 or maybe 27 stars, not just 5! They are so amazing - just like the girl scout ones. At first glance, I couldn't see how the dough would make 100 cookies, but it just kept going and going! For half I used milk chocolate to make the coating, then the other half I used white chocolate...and holy crap, they were awesome! I should've taken pictures, because they were gorgeous...I drizzled the opposite chocolate over each color and took them to a cookie swap - no one believed that I made them! I'm wondering if I used 3 tablespoons of coffee instead of water in the wafers, if it would come out like a minty mocha chocolate flavor...I will definately try that next...like the starbucks coffee...yum.

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MelisAnderson December 21, 2007

holy cow, these were SO GOOD!! I replaced the shortening with oil and used ghiradelli chocolate coating instead of choc chips. And I've always hated doing cut out cookies and waiting for dough to chill, so I altered the steps a bit. Once the dough was mixed I lightly floured my hands (re-flouring about every 6 cookies or so) and rolled the dough into little balls. Once all of the balls were on the cookie sheet, I then pressed them down to desired thickness with the flat-bottomed glass jar. They all had flour on them so the glass didn't stick, but you could also dip the bottom of the jar into the flour before pressing down on the dough. Worked like a charm and got the cookies in our tummies faster!

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roweena February 01, 2009

These were delicious! The only thing I did differently was instead of rolling dough, I used a small cookie scoop to make dough balls and then flattened them before baking. It made larger cookies than the traditional thin mint, but it made it easier I thought.

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fat-sissy November 03, 2004

Fantastic but time consuming. I would roll out half cookie dough at a time as it spreads quite a bit. Only bake 10 min b/c they can burn easily being so thin. Thinking might put a toothpick hole in each cookie so I can string through to dip in melted chocolate. Used 2-3 times more peppermint extract to get that minty taste. Big hit with my husband and he thought better than Girl Scout ones!

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ampacsf September 30, 2012

Wow! I'm not a chocolate fan but, I love thin mints! I used a shot glass to cut=perfect size!!! unfortunately, I made them too thick, oh well...I'll do it again ;) Made them again due to 2 requests. Rolled thinner and got 7 doz. I used only 2 bags of choc. chips each time. Thinner=more like the scouts',crispier. liked them better thicker because they were more tender.

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kannEvore October 08, 2011

DH loved these! The hint of mint was perfect. The quality of chocolate chips makes a big difference in taste, we found. We'll stick to name brand form here out. Thanks for posting!

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eknecht January 21, 2010

These are fabulous. They are very much like the Girl Scout Thin Mints...only better! And they taste great frozen too. This recipe is a keeper!

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Bunnymn December 15, 2004
TSR Version of Girl Scout Thin Mints Recipe by Todd Wilbur