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This was my very first recipe in my new electric ice cream maker, how exciting! I made this twice.. as i messed it up the first time, I put the spin-thingy in upside down! no wonder it didn't turn.. so i refroze the bowl, and did it again the right way, and it came out perfect. I subbed half the sugar with splenda, used the full 2 teaspoons vanilla, and added shaved chocolate and crushed cookies!

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89240 January 22, 2004

Due to I am on chemo medication I could not use raw egg. Plus I did not want a gritty sugar... So I will put down below what I done after my sujustions..<br/> People getting icey mouth feel sujustions... Canned fat free milk is used for whipping cream so would taste better... Or put can of fat free coconut milk in fridge for couple hours or hour in frezzer... Then drain on the water use the cream... Its used a lot to for whipping cream.. Plus don't have cocnut taste in ice cream you would need whip it with milk to get it smooth ... Or all half half<br/> So I took 1 cup fat free half half.. warmed it up on 6 power on my microwave for 1 min then 1 more min WATCH as will buble over if don't use large enough glass.... Poured that over my sugar. Mixsed intill omost disolved.. Then heated 1 more min 30 seconds Watched.. Then had my egg in another bowl slowy poured the hot mixture over my egg with nonstop stiring inless you only add 1/8 of cup of milk at time can stop stiring can take breaks in between stiring ... Then I microwaved on power 6 on my microwave ..7 for most others as mine is 1200 wats... microwaved 30 seconds at time.. Intill it thickend... took me about 2 1/2 mins. If don't stir you will get cooked egg or if you have it on higher power... Happened my first round...<br/>I actual sujust doing it on stove I should of ... Plus then take hot milk and the left over milk and slowy mixs the hot into the cold. Then you still have pretty chilled mixture so maxs 20 mins in fridge or frezzer for faster time in machien ... I put mine straight in but mine is just add ice as you go ice cream maker. Not sujusted for frozen bowl. Taking me about 45 mins to hour verse 20 30 mins if I would put it in freezer or fridge 10-20 mins so I did not make up time their... but compared to chilling 2-4 hours you make up time their though<br/><br/>Hope this is helpful to some. Yum

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ash_cat_girl_8052297 October 27, 2013

This is really good. I thought it might be creamier since it had the eggs in it, but it's more the consistency of iced milk. Still good though. I did cook the mixture after step 2 because I just can't bring myself to use raw eggs. I also added 2-3 tbsp of unsweetened dark cocoa which made it really tasty...kind of like a fudgesicle. Didn't add the optional ingredients at the end either. I will make this again. Thanks!

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zaar mate April 27, 2007

This recipe is wonderful! We have only had our ice cream maker for a couple of weeks, but we've already made this recipe 3 times! It is truly fat free and so delicious! I can't recommend it highly enough!

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sugarhigh801 April 19, 2007
Truly Fat Free Truly Delicious Ice Cream!