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We caught a lot of trout this summer to put in the freezer. So far I've been making it the old tradional way...pan fried. Not any longer! This is delicious. Gives a whole new flavor to fish. I used 4 TBS of the breadcrumbs, but left everything else the same. The cream sauce was so good! We sprinkled it with more lemon at the table. I will definitely use this recipe a lot!! Thanks a bunch Chuck!

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MizzNezz September 29, 2003

This is the perfect dish for company because it is no fuss, no muss and looks impressive when it comes bubbling out of the pan. I would make a couple slight adjustments next time though -- more dill and more breadcrumbs over the top (enough to more or less coat the top of each piece of fish, rather than just a sprinkling). I served this as part of a summer lunch, with a few different salads on the side.

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Sackville July 06, 2003

This is a very easy recipe to make. I made it for myself so I scaled it down to 1 person and I think I added a little too much cream, but none the less it was good. As in another review, I let it marinade for about an hour and added more dill. A definite keeper. Thanks.

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Carmen B. July 05, 2006

Wow Chuck this is a really good recipe, the flavor was a lot more complex than I expected. The only major change I made was to use home-made plain yoghurt rather than cream, apart from being healthier I like the slightly more sour taste. Although I only did it to suit my timing I let the fish sit covered in the yoghurt, spices and lemon for an hour or so before cooking which may have helped infuse the flavors. Like a few other reviewers I also used a little more dill and breadcrumbs and also used a peppercorn medley because I didn't have any straight white pepper. I just cooked the one 450g (1 lb) Tasmanian Rainbow Trout and found a cooking time of 20 minutes was spot on to cook well through, but for the last five minutes or so moved towards the top of the oven as I could tell the breadcrumbs wouldn't have browned well otherwise.

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Peter J March 05, 2006

Great recipe. So easy and quick to prepare. A nice mild taste, but not boring or bland. On the contrary. I loved the crispy skin. It's just too bad they have so many bones, so makes it a dish you want to be careful with, when you have small children. Since we had some leftover, I reheated it gently in the oven and it was still fine. Next time I will try this with filet, which we can buy here frozen and see whether that works out. Thanks for sharing.

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Anke R October 11, 2004
Trout in Cream Sauce