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This is a spectacular dessert. All the ingredients complement each other for a rich, tropical dessert. I usually don't like alcohol in my sweets, but the final product had just a little hint of rum that set off the pudding perfectly. I had to resort to using canned mangos as fresh mango is out of season right now, but the taste was still excellent. I recommend using red papaya rather than the orange as the taste is sweeter and it adds some great colour to the dessert. The crystallized ginger was a fantastic addition - everyone raved about it. I felt like the pudding was a bit too sweet, but my husband (a rice pudding officianado from way back) said that it was perfect. The only change I would make to this recipe would be to reduce the milk by a half a cup and add another half cup of coconut milk as I couldn't taste the coconut milk at all (though it did contribute to a lovely richness).

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KrabKokonas June 10, 2007

I was totally curious about this pudding! Rice pudding for me has always been plain, or has had raisins and/or cinnamon in it, but this recipe takes it to a whole different level, & it's great! I had a hard time finding fresh mango, but finally did at the local Farmers' Market. And, it took me a bit to find out that turbinado is what I know as 'sugar in the raw!' Anyway, I did cut back on the rum a little, but still, the final product is [actually WAS, 'cause it's all gone already!] a really great tasting tropical delight! Thanks for posting this very nice recipe!

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Sydney Mike February 23, 2007
Tropical Rice Pudding