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If you love chocolate, you will LOVE this rich, chocolatey pie. We had small slices with coffee for dessert, and I had many compliments. I only used 1/8 cup of sugar for the pie crust, which was plenty considering how sweet the pie is. I made the layers in the microwave which took no time at all, but I would recommend leaving the pie in the fridge longer between the layers so that the next layer is easier to smooth. I highly recommend this pie for chocolate lovers! Thanks for the recipe!

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starrynight April 13, 2003

This recipe was simple to make, looked great. It however was near impossible to to cut. I might try to make it as a layer cookie instead of a pie. It is very sweet. My teen son loved it. As a chocolate lover, I was a little let down with texture.

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surfam4 November 23, 2007

we loved it! i cheated and used a crust from the supermarket. it was amazing, most of the family are chocolate addicts, so it was a hit. i did keep it in the fridge a little longer between layers, but otherwise it was perfect

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mandabears March 15, 2004
Triple Chocolate S'more Pie