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Two things: I added 1/2 cup sugar. It was good idea. Also, I used my Airbake cookie sheet with cooking spray, and I had no trouble with overbaking OR removing them from the pan. It did take longer for them to "crisp", though. These were great. I'm making them for Christmas gifts!

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Rena Reeve December 06, 2001

Excellent job. I use almonds instead of the white chocolate. You do have to be really careful about the cooking time...

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rouxdog August 10, 2001

These are good - I've made them twice now. I didn't use foil, just sprayed 2 cookie sheets, and had no problem with moving them off and on. Also I added about 1/4 c of sugar to sweeten them up the second time around. The directions were a bit iffy, not sure about butter - I creamed it and then added the eggs and vanilla. Thanks for a nice recipe.

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Rachie P May 07, 2008

These were OK. I needed to add at least 1/4 cup flour to make the dough workable (otherwise it just stuck to my hands). Also, I think they need a higher temperature or longer baking times; they were not crisp.

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A Messy Cook December 23, 2007

Making biscotti is demanding, but so worth it. These were my first attempt at biscotti and they were delicious! I baked them for about 40 minutes at 350°, which I think resulted in them being too dry & very hard (if there's such a thing as too dry or too hard biscotti). I made two changes to this recipe: 3/4 cup caster sugar added to the dry ingredients, and a total of 10 tablespoons butter which I mixed with the eggs and vanilla. I have a suggestion for using white chocolate. If using bar-formed chocolate, then chop chunks large enough to be seen & tasted. I ended up chopping too finely, and the expensive white chocolate wasn't even seen when the biscuits were done baking. Thanks for this recipe. It's a keeper!

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Cookies, Pies & More September 18, 2007

If you don't trust yourself, don't taste these before serving, or you'll risk having to make a new batch :) Mine have just come out of the oven and they look and taste great (they're a bit dense, but since the baking powder was a few years past its shelf life I won't hold that against the recipe). Having tasted them they are a bit bitter, but not too much and I think they'll go very nicely with some vanilla ice cream. BTW, I baked them a bit longer than in the recipe (first 35 min, then 18 min in total). Update: the second time I made these I added a bit of sugar (didn't measure, I think about 1/2 cup) to make them more suitable to for consumption by themselves. I also had to add a bit more fat to get the dough to form properly.

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JasperJ January 31, 2007

Bergy's review says it all--this recipe is very confusing. Luckily I've made biscotti before, so had some idea of what I was doing, but it was still confusing. I made my "logs" of dough about 8 inches long, and when I rolled them out (which you should do, by the way, before putting them in the oven!) I aimed for about 1-inch thickness. The dough of this recipe is not sweet at all; you will notice that no sugar is added. However, there are MANY chocolate chips, and when they are finished you are really glad the dough wasn't sweet! These are terrific despite the confusing instructions. Wonderful!

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spatchcock July 11, 2004

I am writing this review for someone that does not have access to a computer but baked the recipe. She said the flavor is a difinate 5 but for newer cooks the instructions could be confusing. EG When to beat eggs into what and when the flour goes in. How long and how wide should the strips be? Heap dough does not really describe what needs to be done. She knew what she was doing and was impressed with the result. I explained the star system to her and this was how she wanted it rated

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Bergy November 13, 2002
Triple Chocolate Biscotti