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* * * Made for Comfort Cafe 2009 * * * These cookies were good. First let me say that 125g = 1/4 C. and 180 degrees Celsius is about 350 degrees F, and 175g of white choc. chips comes to about 6 oz. I like a softer cookie, and these didn't come out soft. Plus on the baking time, I baked my first tray 20 minutes as posted, which was a little too long, so for my next tray, I baked them about 15 minutes, which is still a little too long. So, next time I do these, I will bake them about 12 minutes. I realize ovens vary, so it isn't the fault of the recipe. ** I'm going to amend my original rating to 5 stars. I made these again using margarine instead of butter, and I only baked them 12-14 minutes in a 350 degree oven and they came out soft. And they were better than the first time I made them.

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Becky in Wisconsin January 24, 2009
Triple choc peanut butter biscuits