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10 fingers up, 5 from me and 5 from DH. I used 8 -10 ozs of beef for the two of us and all beef stock (no wine). It came out marvelous, so much rich flavor! The onion almost all dissolved and the olives really added something different and yummy. I tasted before adding any salt and found that it didn't need a single grain. Very easy recipe too, it pretty much takes care of it's self while it's cooking. DH wanted mashed spuds with it so we went with that. Thanks for sharing this little wonder BK. :D

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Annacia September 14, 2012

A very good stew! The gravy is delicious, and the olives were a nice addition. I served this over mashed potatoes, which soaked up that yummy, rich gravy nicely. The meat came out super-tender and delicious.

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rpgaymer March 01, 2014
Trincado African Beef Stew - Portugal