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I am editing my review as the first time I made this it was very good but a bit dry so I thought what would change that and I thought I'd decrease the flour. So I made it a second time ( and a third, fourth, and soon to be a fifth time) but now it was absolutely moist and delicious!! The only changes I made was to cut the flour back to 3 1/2 cups and I only used one tsp. of coffee. Now this is a fudgy chocolate cake to rave about! If you want to change your recipe accordingly just let me know and I'll write another fabulous review since I now love this cake!

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scancan April 17, 2009

This made a very nice chocolate cake, I was a bit worried at how oily the cake was, but it turned out very well. The crust was the best bit and we dusted it with powdered sugar, but it might be good with some sliced strawberries too. And one thing we always test a cake for is it's "morning after" version and it was just as chocolaty, and the coffee was a bit more pronounced which made it work very well for breakfast. The only thing was that it was a rather crumbly cake, once you cut off a piece it started to fall apart. so very good cake, definitely a cake to make again, but maybe adding in certain things. L33tchica.

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Anulazuli April 28, 2008
Tried and Tested Favorite Chocolate Cake