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Mmm, these are great! Very fudgy and yummy! Imade half the recipe and got 10 muffins out of that, which were enjoyed immensely. I used 1/4 c spelt flour and the rest whole spelt flour. Since I like my muffins chocolatey, I decided to add 1/8 c mini semi sweet morsels and in the end that was the perfect amount for me. Had I not used those, I think the muffins would have been more of a health food type muffin, this way they were decadent.
Since I was out of eggs, I used a flax egg and I also took one of the reviewers advise and pureed the apple with the beets. That worked out nicely.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this great recipe with us, bluemoon!
Made and reviewed for the Romantic event in the photo forum February 2012.

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Lalaloula February 15, 2012

These muffins turned out good. They did not taste like beets, but did not taste like much else either. I think that next time I make these I'll add a bit more sugar and cocoa and maybe some nuts. Hubby liked them. We have been having them all week with fruit for breakfast on the run. Thanks for posting this, will try again.

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VegSocialWorker September 03, 2006

Er-it mostly tastes like beetroot. Maybe it'll taste better later - i've already left them overnight. THey get 5 stars from me for a WONDERFUL texture though. Maybe mine just had too much bettroot.

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melting pot October 15, 2005

These are very good! They sure tricked my somewhat picky (adult) brother!! I ate one just a bit cooled, fresh out of the oven yesterday and thought it was "ok". Today I tried another one I had sitting out for today, and wow, it was really good! I am not sure if the flavours just have to develop, or if they are just much better cool. Anyway, we really enjoyed these. If I were to serve these to picky kids however, I would probably slighly puree the apple after it is grated so the pieces are not as obvious. I didn't have self rising flour so I used 1 1/8 cup flour plus a generous 1 1/2 tsp baking powder, which worked well!

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LUv 2 BaKE October 10, 2005
Trick and Treat Muffins