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What a delight! It is definitely worth the effort. With the beautifully flavored spongy layers soaking up all that sweet, creamy goodness and the berries ripe and sweet, you will be in dessert hog-heaven :) Love, love, loved the hazelnut/almond/strawberry flavors together! I was SO hoping for leftovers, but alas, my party guests scarfed down every last crumb! I added some almond and vanilla extracts to both the whipped cream and the cake batter, otherwise made as stated. Thank you Rita for a fabulous cuatro leches cake!

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under12parsecs May 30, 2011

This cake it the BEST!!! My husband is from mexico and he was so impressed with your recipe that i had to send pictures to his momma all the way to mexico lol. I have made other tres leches and either the cake was to dence or to soggy this one was just right THANKS for the recipe its a 10 in my book

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chef heather in cullowheee, NC October 11, 2008

Wow, this is out of this world. My family and guests just raved about this cake. It is truly decadent and worth the effort. I was handing out the recipe. A definite keeper. Made for ZWT8.

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Lainey6605 August 12, 2012

I made this recipe and another tres leches recipe (that used coconut milk and topped with fruit) and I have to say that this was not as good as the other one. Also, it did not soak into the cake as well either. Although it was pretty good, the other tres leches recipe blew this one away.

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Flaquis from S. Ca July 10, 2009

This was a hit at the cinco de mayo party. I made the cake into a sheet cake. I used a cool whip topping. Thanks for posting.

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aronsinvest May 17, 2009

not rating because i haven't made it yet. i go to a restaurant in jacksonville, fl where the mother of the owner, she is from spain, makes tres leches cake fresh everyday. have been in search of it ever since my first bite - their not sharing! anyhow, i'm going to make alton brown's take as i think he is a terrific chef, way over my head or abilities, and he made a tres leches cake for his current fiance' (think of all the cakes he could have chosen!) it's on recipezaar and has yet to be rated by anyone?? the point of all of this is to thank you for what undoubtedly is a great recipe but also for the great photoes. should i make this later, the photoes are really beautiful and definitely helpfull. thanks for your generousity (sp) and time.

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PIEFACE #2 January 02, 2009

Yum! This is a wonderful and simple tres leches recipe! Thank you so much! Made for ZWT$ for the CAFE ZMAAK Gypsies!

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Annisette June 13, 2008

Excellent tres leches recipe

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Anita13 February 22, 2008

I made this cake while I was camping in an RV. It took a bit of effort and planning but I didn't mind because it was fun to make. The cake tasted great and if anyone had had the guts to try a "wet cake" I'm sure they would've loved it. I tried to tell them the large amount of eggs made it not feel soggy but no one budged. a little boy I gave some to loved it and told me I make the best cakes in the world. So there's two votes for awesome tasting cake.

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JillResponsible August 10, 2007

Very good...better than the tres leche cakes I had recently at two seperate restaurants. I did use Cool Whip instead of the fattening whip cream. I used non-fat half and half instead of the creamer and whipping cream. And my evaporated milk was non-fat too. You really couldn't tell because it still tasted really bad for you! It was a little soggier than we are used to in cake. I might make it with 3/4 of the milks suggested. I also didn't have overnight to let it soak but that cake did soak it up in only 3! Oh, and I agree with another review. I halved this recipe and it still could have easily served ten. The full recipe would certainly serve 18-20.

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ericaj June 20, 2007
Tres Leches Hazelnut Cake (Cuatro Leches )