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I've tried the recipe myself and found it deligthful and easy to make. As anyone can see by the name, it's a three milk cake. Feel free to choose your milk, be it goat, sheep, rat, or sperm whale -(Any mammal will do.) There are so many variations in Latin America that one can hardly dismiss the recipe for the lack of goat's milk. Try it yourself before commenting.*** MY taste buds say Yak! I've been a mammalian all my life and am fluent in several animal calls. You should try Yak Milk. :)

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FoodLoverDam January 03, 2008

Just by reading the ingredients.. it's wrong. Yes, tres leches has 3 milks..but you are forgetting an important milk.. the goat's milk. Addendum to the person that made the comment... I did make this AS DIRECTED by the recipe. It didn't taste right. BEFORE I rated the recipe. For fairness! However, I made it again with the goat's milk it makes a HUGE difference with the richness of the recipe. I lived 6 years throughout Central and Southern America and that was how they made it.. yes tres leches means "3 milks" (I do speak 7 dialects of Spanish) but it was not right for MY tastebuds

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Phoenix Food Queen January 03, 2008
Tres Leches & Cream Cake