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I seriously, seriously adore this version of the Tres Leches cake! What sets it apart is the slight caramelization of the condensed milk, the sturdy cake crumb, and the cinnamon, and the two applications of vanilla extract. Just spectacular! I went on a Tres Leches making binge over the course of a little over a year, trying 12 different recipes that I'd found across the web and TV just to see which variation I liked best, and also tried a few slices at different restaurants I'd visited - I don't know, I just got it into my head to find a doggone good version, and I have to say it's this one. THIIIIIS ONE! It's really really lovely, with the most developed flavor and feel in your mouth. I'd say if you wanted to kick it up and add some liqueur or extras to this or switch up the topping, this provides the very best base to start with. As for me, I and everyone who has tried this cake (I didn't adjust the recipe at all from what was written) finds this version the most stellar. And so my Tres Leches obsession has concluded, deliciously.

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LoveliestChef June 11, 2014

I've become famous for this recipe! I absolutely love that it's not a wet soggy mess like most Tres Leches are. I finish mine off with an italian meringue rather than the whipped cream frosting. Takes it up to a whole other level!

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aricheight6 September 11, 2013

I don't know how, but this recipe has managed to make dry tres leches. no, i am not joking. Every time i have made this recipe it has a dense, dry texture to it. By far my least facorite tres leches recipe.

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alasor November 30, 2013
Tres Leches Cake (Americas Test Kitchen)