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I was confused on this, was I suppose to buy a white cake mix and add the next 7 ingredients to the cake mix

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christyblackburn October 11, 2008

Ok. First of all. YUMMMMM! made two of these and brought them into work and they were a big hit! the recipe is totally awesome! Now for the brilliant MISTAKE I made! the first cake I made I realized about 15 minutes into baking that I accidently omitted the oil!! (It was like 11pm at night...I almost cried) but decided to put my big girl panties on and roll with it. When the cake was done and cool I inverted it onto a cookie sheet, trimmed off the sides a little and put it back in the pan still inverted so the top was then on the bottom. poked holes and saturated it with the milk mixture and moved on to the second cake (which I did not forget to put oil in). Anyway, fast forward to the next day, I bring them both into work, the cake without the oil was AMAZING!!! they were both excellent in flavor but because the oil-less cake was a tad on the dry side, it really absorbed the milk mixture like crazy. it was the perfect spongy texture I was looking for and a less dense that the cake with oil. I lived in Monterrey Mexico off and on for a few years and have eaten my fair share of authentic Tres Leches cakes. This recipe "took the cake" and I suggest you try leaving the oil out, or make it both ways like I did (on accident) and taste the difference for yourself!!

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Megan E. June 29, 2015

This is the BEST Tres Leches recipe out there. Great as it is -- even better if you double the milk mixture (I used most of it ... maybe having 1/4 of the doubled amount left). The trick? Make it the day before. My Mexican son-in-law says it's amazing -- and the BEST tres leches cake he's ever had. He said it's like his favorite at the Dallas Chuy's restaurant "but even better." Because it's "more traditional tasting" we use a big container of Cool Whip to frost it (rather than the real whipped cream). Now, EVERYONE in our family wants this as their birthday cake. Everyone who loves Tres Leches cake will ask you for your recipe. I promise! Note: I am skeptical of many recipes having wasted a ton of groceries on recipes found on the internet. This is not one of those recipes. Try it and enjoy!

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Anonymous March 16, 2015

Oh my what a rich and sinful dessert. All of which I love. This is so moist and well.....yummy. My family and I devoured this. (probably shouldn't have) but it was so good we all went nuts over it. I will most definitely make this again. Its so good. thank you for sharing with us. Its delicious.

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mommyoffour April 28, 2014

Wow this was fantastic! Raves all around from everyone who attended my roommates bday. If it weren't for the calories I'd be making this constantly!

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sofie-a-toast June 17, 2013

Delicious! I agree with the previous reviewer who wanted it to be a bit wetter, so I will probably increase the milks next time, myself. BUT everyone loved it prepared just as written.

Thanks for a keeper!

Updating my review - just made this again, and I did double the milks, and it worked just fine. I let the cake cool for 15 minutes or so, and then poked holes all over with a chopstick. I poured the milk slowly, and it absorbed it all just fine. I also put dulce de leche on top as another reviewer mentioned. Yum. Thanks again for a great recipe.

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Cheri 911 February 17, 2013

I made this cake twice last week--once for neighbors, and once for my parents. We drained pineapple rings, mandarin oranges, and cherries to decorate, and the result was very appealing.

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sassykat1213 November 10, 2012

I did this recipe exactly as written. It was very good although it definitely could have used more of the milk filling. Some parts of the cake were not saturated nearly enough.Next time I will definitely do at least 1.5x the filling. Still, it was very good.

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sutherlandfamily October 01, 2012

I have made this cake several times. It is the best and easiest Tres Leches cake I have found. This is as good or better than the piece I pay $6 for at the store. I tried many recipes before this one but have not looked at any others since finding this one

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Tracy Coyne August 27, 2012
Tres Leches Cake