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DELICIOUS! I used all ingredients and methodolgies as described in recipe. I used skewers to make holes all over the top right out of the oven. I then let it cool for 5 minutes and flipped it onto a cooling rack. I put more holes in the bottom. I then cut off all four sides. (I topped them with cinnamon and baked again making biscotti.) I returned to the 9 x 13 pan and let cool about 1 hour. I then poured the filling in little by little while schmearing / massaging it in with my hands. Twice, I poured the liquid that was in the bottom back into a measuring cup and repeated the massage / schmearing. Having done this, there was plenty of liquid in the cake and was the perfect texture to those I've had on my travels. DH and I had this the frst time on our honeymoon in Bonaire and I made this today to celebrate our anniversary.

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SparkleKristy March 17, 2010

WOW! Its wonderful! Thank you for sharing it!

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Charishma_Ramchandani September 13, 2001

Y-U-M! I made this for my boss' birthday and he said that he has had 20 different versions of homemade Tres Leches and this by far is the best! Thanks for the recipe and to those who suggested doubling the milk filling... it came out perfect!!

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angelbebe77 February 28, 2010

Made this for a Cinco De Mayo party this weekend and it was a big hit for both adults and the kids. I had never even heard of it before until now. I took a lot of reviews into consideration and followed the recipe exactly as written. I made it the day before I needed it, to allow the filling to absorb into the cake. I didn't ice the cake until it was ready to eat. Everyone at the party felt the cake was moist enough. I did use the Duncan Heinz "moist" white cake mix, so perhaps that made the difference. I poked holes in the cake using the end of a wooden spoon and then slowly poured the filling over the cake filling each hole. Served it with strawberries (unsweetened) on the side. I already have requests to make this cake for next year. Try it! You won't be disappointed. Thank you for posting this recipe!!!!! It was a huge success with zero leftovers!

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hippiesoulmates May 04, 2009

Ok. First of all. YUMMMMM! made two of these and brought them into work and they were a big hit! the recipe is totally awesome! Now for the brilliant MISTAKE I made! the first cake I made I realized about 15 minutes into baking that I accidently omitted the oil!! (It was like 11pm at night...I almost cried) but decided to put my big girl panties on and roll with it. When the cake was done and cool I inverted it onto a cookie sheet, trimmed off the sides a little and put it back in the pan still inverted so the top was then on the bottom. poked holes and saturated it with the milk mixture and moved on to the second cake (which I did not forget to put oil in). Anyway, fast forward to the next day, I bring them both into work, the cake without the oil was AMAZING!!! they were both excellent in flavor but because the oil-less cake was a tad on the dry side, it really absorbed the milk mixture like crazy. it was the perfect spongy texture I was looking for and a less dense that the cake with oil. I lived in Monterrey Mexico off and on for a few years and have eaten my fair share of authentic Tres Leches cakes. This recipe "took the cake" and I suggest you try leaving the oil out, or make it both ways like I did (on accident) and taste the difference for yourself!!

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Megan E. June 29, 2015

A truly delicious cake! The only thing I would change is to increase the amount of whipped cream, because the cake only ended up with an extremely thin layer. Otherwise, perfectly moist and so very tasty with sliced fresh strawberries. Easy to make too!

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rpgaymer February 17, 2014

Awesome recipe, my Hispanic husband loves it! My suggestion -- use a chocolate cake mix, it's like eating an Oreo dipped in milk. So amazing!!!!! It's the only way I'll make it, and everyone requests it.

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rachruiz1 September 22, 2011

This recipe is amazing. This is the first recipe I have actually felt obliged to write a review for. Everyone was so impressed with this cake. I did double the milk mixture and also took another reviewer's idea and added 1/4 cup spiced rum to the milk mixture (I eliminated an equal amount of the evaporated milk) and I also added a tiny dash of rum extract to the frosting, although I think I'll leave that out next time and just use the rum in the milk mixture for a little extra flavor. This recipe makes a huge cake, it definitely won't fit into an 8x11 pan. I took my time pouring on the milk mixture and rubbing it into the top of the cake, and I drained out the liquid from the bottom a few times and poured it back over to make sure it really got worked in. Came out perfectly moist and soooo yummy. I probably could have left out maybe half a cup of the milk mixture as the cake would have been slightly less messy to serve if it was a bit less moist.

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mcrevell March 27, 2011

My cake's currently sitting in the fridge, having baked it last night, and I'm already thrilled with how it turned out.

I used 1.5x of the filling as recommended, and I think that's the perfect proportion. I can't wait to top with homemade frosting and strawberries - adding fresh fruit will definitely help with how sweet the cake is.

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AD #2 March 16, 2011

Followed recipe except I did soaked cake overnight as I had the time. It turned out great! Was a big hit. Thanks for a great recipe.

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LearnedtoLovetoCook December 25, 2010
Tres Leches Cake