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The previous reviewer was correct in that it is actually better the next day. However, even the following day the outcome of the recipe was still a bit boring. I did make one or two changes. First of all, a total of three cups of the various milks is more that ample. It needed something, anything to help the flavor reach its potential. In serving it I added lots of fresh mixed berries and sweetened whipped topping which helped. Again, I was trying to find something to add both flavor and mouth-feel. Next time I think that I will take it even further and add something to the cake batter to liven it up, zest, flavoring, fruit, Something! Additionally, adding some sort of flavor to the topping itself might be in order. Thinking about coffee or orange flavored liquor...

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brianandgreg September 29, 2011

This was delicious! SIL raved. Gave some to the neighbors who also thought it was delicious: "melts in your mouth." I thought it was even better the second day. Thanks for a great recipe.

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mxhanna July 27, 2011
Tres Leche Cake