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I have made these recipes over the years. I was an Occupational Thereapist at a nursing home and we would have a pig roast and I would do a turkey this way. It is also great with just vegetables. Corn is on the bottom lined up and then other vegetables topped with cabbage. I do have to do you MUST HAVE A GALVANIZED TRASH CAN chemicals from the can aren't absorbed by the food.

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Audrey M August 28, 2003

Our Troop has been preparing turkeys this way for the last 5 years for our October Feast - Family Camp out. I suggest skipping the stick and simply place the bird on an empty #10 can (collects juices for gravy). The turkey cook so tender and so fast that the stick will slide right through and then your bird is on the ground. Always lots of pictures taken during preparation and lots of families asking for instructions for Thanksgiving. Best way to cook a turkey!

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1022696 November 11, 2008

I have tried variations of this method several times and it has always produced the best turkey I've ever eaten including peanut oil fried turkey! Maybe it had something to do with long cold days with crazed Boy Scouts and being ravenously hungry. Ya think? Anyway, try this method. I think this is best: http://www.inquiry.net/outdoor/skills/cooking/trash_can.htm As for Mr Goomba... obviously he has never been on a BoyScout outing. They are experts at lugging around way too much paraphernalia just to make bacon and eggs at 6 in the morning.. and then spend 3 hours cleaning it up. (sorry if this is second occurance of this posting.. something went wrong with my machine)

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John Fischer December 04, 2003

With the addition of the veggies in the first review, a great recipe. All these ingredients fit well into most troop truck/trailer outfits, so Goomba is off base, here. We had three turkeys at our camporall two weeks ago and they were delicious!

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Craig Bond November 25, 2003

Don't mean to be harsh, but all the trouble and mess! This recipe will not produce anything different than any number of standard oven or grill recipes. If anything, it's novel. Boy Scouts wouldn't be equipped to carry a turkey and all the required paraphernalia around.

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Goomba Monaco August 30, 2003
Trash Can Turkey