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I also had problems finding out how to treat the sour dough. I used my bread machine to make this and even though i used the "whole wheat" program for it the bread came out very moist so i had to bake it additionally. I liked the outcome though and used it with a ground beef casarolle for dinner and with cream cheese and tomato sandwiches the next day. The spices were great but i will skip the cranberries next time i make it. Susie D´s suggestion to make buns out of this sound awesome! Thank you for sharing, this is a recipe i will work with! Made for RSC#14

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Iceland August 21, 2009

Even with a few problems this ended up being a contest favorite. My family told me not to lose this recipe! I elected to make a half batch in a bread machine. The problems: No indication is given on proofing the sourdough so I measured it right out of my stash in the fridge. As the other recipes I've used still called for yeast I added 2 1/2 t. I ended up needing an extra half cup of flour in the ABM. After the dough cycle I divided it into 8 circles and placed on a greased baking sheet sprinkled with cornmeal. It rose about 30 minutes & then baked. The result was eight lightly browned and beautiful 6 inch buns. The texture is very light & fluffy. It really is one of the best breads texture wise I've made lately. The buns are studded with jewel like colors from the dried cranberries, nuts, green onions, & pimentos. Next time I will dry the pimentos before cutting as they smeared colorwise somewhat, but I think it was the dampness straight out of the jar. I used the buns today with shaved roast turkey, but the buns will be a good match flavorwise with other meats as well. The rosemary wasn't overpowering in this recipe. I will use this recipe again! Good luck in the contest!

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Susie D August 21, 2009
Trail Mix Sourdough Bread