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I scaled this recipe down by half and it worked out great. Even my bf who is a cookie puriest (only plain chocolate chips for him) enjoyed this. These really are a mouth full tho. Extremly filling cookies, but they did seem a little oily or something. Also there were way too much chips and peanuts and seeds. The dough just couldnt take all of the extras. Next time I'll use less of each and maybe do all butter to see if that makes a diffrence since I used margarine and oil. They also took a bit longer to cook, but that could just be the size that I made them.

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anme August 24, 2007

these were very fiberous and healthy (well i subbed the butter for prune butter and cut the oil down) so they were very low fat and so good for you too. i also omitted the chocolate but put a few reeses in a couple of them. (chocolate haters live with me) and i subbed the chopped peanuts with pepitas.. so i changed it up a bit but they are still a good healthy hippie type cookie with lots of fiber and thats what we like sooo. thanks.

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sprue August 18, 2007

Sadly, these didn't turn out at ALL for us. We didn't care for the flavor, but they were also impossible to cook - either under or over done. There seemed to be no middle ground.

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CandyTX June 19, 2007

My daughter, for whom I made these, gives them 10 stars for taste. They are a nice crispy cookie with a subtle hint of peanut butter, a nice texture and the yumminess of chocolate. I used whole wheat pastry flour and natural, creamy peanut butter. I used a bit less than a cup of the peanut butter and increased the chopped peanuts by a bit to make up for not using chunky. I got 68 cookies by making golf-ball sized, slightly flattened cookies. I got called away right after I mixed up the dough, and when I returned and began to form the cookies, the dough was very greasy and oily. I don't know if this was because I used a natural peanut butter? I couldn't "drop" the cookies from a spoon. I had to form the balls with my hands and press them together. 2 cups of M&Ms was too much, and I ended up a lot that got tossed at the end because I couldn't get them all into the cookies and get the cookies to hold together. I would suggest 1.5 cups of candy instead? These are satisfying and filling cookies, and I will probably make them again, but I'm considering reducing the olive oil or perhaps substituting applesauce for some or all of it. Thanks for a yummy recipe!

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MathMom.calif May 22, 2007
Trail Mix Cookies