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These cookies are soooooo good!! And I love that they are good for you too!! I did modify just a little.... I used organic sucanat instead of the brown sugar, I didn't have wheat germ so I used some coconut flour in place of that....and Walmart was OUT of sunflower seeds, so I bought pumpkin instead. Also, I used agave nectar instead of the honey, just because I had some and wanted to use it up. I took them to the gym with me and both the ladies that tried them insisted on having the recipe. Thanks for a great cookie recipe. I will make these again and again!!

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Kara0473 October 07, 2011

These were a big hit with the family. We took them on our hiking trip and they were great. I made a few modifications to reduce calories: in place of the butter I used 1/4 cup light butter and 3/4 cup applesauce, substituted one egg for 3 tbsp egg white, added ginger and cinnamon, and used raw sugar instead of brown sugar. I also baked to make bars instead of cookies. I will be making again.

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hsherlock July 31, 2011

I personally found them to be a bit bitter, perhaps from the apricots but my grandson devoured them and the ladies where my husband works asked for the recipe! I'm going to try a few alterations...maybe even some peanut butter and coconut and a bit more honey.

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sandyridge February 20, 2009

I took kungfu-mama's advice and combined it with Chef Lo's advice and then threw in my own creative spark and came up with an even healthier version. Instead of 1 cup of butter -- I mashed one avocado (which turned out to equal 1/2 c.) and then added 1/2 c. applesauce. This gets rid of the butter altogether! I also used just the egg whites from the 2 eggs. Lastly, I used a gluten-free flour (in the same amount as what the recipe calls for). The only thing I had to change in the directions was the fact that I had to pat the cookies into shape because there was no butter in the recipe. But after they're finished cooking, they stay together just fine and they are still moist and delicious! I think next time, I'm going to cut back on the sugar or the honey (I think they will still be good with a little less sweetener...). Hope this helps others who are looking for a creative way to up the health factor of these cookies! Enjoy!

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justcat079 February 08, 2009

Was looking for a versatile recipe that I could swap in ingredients based on what I had in the pantry...and this one fits the bill. Followed advice of kunfu-mama and Chef Lo and subbed applesauce for about 1/2 the butter. Also used maple syprup and brown rice syprup instead of sugar. And lastly, used a mixture of brown rice and whole grain flours. They're great, thanks!!

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magpie diner September 12, 2008

Don't be afraid to substitute with what you have on hand in this recipe. For instance, I didn't have enough honey, so I added a bit of corn syrup and molasses; I used 2/3 cups of all-purpose flour along with 2/3 cup whole wheat flour; I substituted golden raisins for apricots...you get the idea. These cookies still came out delish (rave reviews from my hubby and kid). And you have to admit, they are very good for you!

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kungfu-mama June 18, 2008

these cookies are delicious and very versitile. i substituted 3/4 cup of butter for applesauce and it worked great. next time i may try to substitute all the butter. i also cut down the amount of honey, i only used 1/4 cup and found that to be plenty. they are nutty, chocolatey, sweet and gooey. thanks for the great recipe! i'll definitely make them again, maybe trying different nuts and fruits!

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Chef Lo August 06, 2005
Trail Mix Cookies