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Perfection. That is the only word to describe this recipe. Perfection. The taste and tradition is right on target. I've had (and made) some carrot cakes that were not as moist but had the right taste, and vice versa. This recipe combines both the perfect balance of taste, flavour, and moisture. This cake even tastes better the next day! Bravo HeatherFeather!

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Mimi Bobeck February 17, 2003

This is a fabulous cake! I used lemon juice instead of kirsch and made 2 cakes. Very easy to put together. Made the glaze, dipped some walnuts in first, set them aside, spread the remaining glaze onto the cake and then decorated with the glazed walnuts. I have 2 left hands when it comes to decorating cakes, but the cakes looked really elegant, I have to admit! Got thumbs up from all, and yes, I was told this cake is very traditional. I will be baking it again next week to take it to my DD's school Christmas event. Thank you so much, Heather, for sharing this wonderful recipe, this one is definitely a keeper. :)

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum December 11, 2009

This cake is very traditional! I made two and both worked just fine. I didn't have mace so I used some mixed spice, and I used gluten free bread. Everyone loved it, even the real Aargauers I served it to! Thanks for giving me my own ruebli torte recipe. I glazed it with a glaze made from icing sugar and kirsch and a little lemon juice, and decorated each slice with a marzipan carrot. En guete!

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Chickee November 03, 2006

Surprisingly it was very easy to do it. it take less than 20 mins for me to prepare before i bake the cake. The taste really marverllous!

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Chef Emique March 31, 2005
Traditional Swiss Carrot Cake (Aargauer Ruebli Torte)