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Perfect recipe! I used granulated sugar blended fine. I entered these cookies in the county fair & won first prize - thank-you!

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Debbb October 13, 2012

Great recipe. I accidently made the mixture into a bread crum texture at first but after adding some more butter it was fine. Because I didn't have any caster sugar I used granulated but they were still delicious. Used the recipe for 18 but it only made around 10. Overall though this was a great recipe.

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Chef Jazz September 02, 2011

Excellent Shortbread recipe. I added a teaspoon or two of milk to make the mix a little softer and added some 100's and 1000's for something a little different and cut them into shape.

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Maria and Mark August 28, 2010

I made this for my Book Club meeting last night, and it was a hit. Everyone wants the recipe! I used the measurements provided, but didn't use the same method. I was lazy and used a food processor. I put regular sugar in the food processor and whizzed it to kind of grind it up, then added the butter and creamed it together until it got fluffy, then I whizzed in the flour in 2 parts. it didn't mix thoroughly, so I did mix it by hand a bit at the end. I lined a half sheetpan with parchment and pressed it in with my fingertips and poked with a fork. I followed the previous reviewer's suggestion and cut with a pizza roller and topped with turbinado sugar. I baked at 300 for the first 25 mins, then increased to 325 for an additional 10 minutes. It came out perfect and delicious.

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SuperSpike November 15, 2007

Big hit at new years eve party I went to. It was the first goody everyone gobbled up. Thanks!

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ChrissyVas80 January 02, 2007

My husband loves shortbread, so he was happy that I chose this recipe for the Pick a Chef game. He wasn't disappointed. :) I did take a shortcut with the rolling/cutting. I rolled the dough out directly on a parchment-lined baking sheet and cut it with a pizza wheel. Since I just left the rectangles in place without separating them, I did have to add to the baking time, but it was a simple, no-mess way to get them ready to go into the oven. I chilled before baking and sprinkled the tops with turbinado sugar. Nice basic shortbread--thanks for posting!

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GaylaJ July 03, 2006
Traditional Shortbread