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I haven't made this recipe yet but I did use your method of steaming cous cous for another dish. I've got a pan that I can turn into a steamer with a bowl inside. I found it easy to open up the cous cous with a fork (not wanting to burn my fingers) but after the second steaming it was bit dry. I figured the water on the fingers probably makes a difference so I sprinkled a little water on and returned to the steamer. That worked a lot better and the result, as the last reviewer said, was WELL WORTH IT. Thank you for teaching me something new.

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RonaNZ April 05, 2008

This took along time and quite a bit of work. But it was WELL WORTH IT. I don't know if I'll ever do cous cous any different again. The leftover the next day were good also. Will look for more of these recipes.

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Lil' Chef Beth June 08, 2007
Traditional North African Couscous (The Real Way!)