Traditional Mulled Wine in the Crock Pot

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Total Time
3hrs 20mins
20 mins
3 hrs

I was wanting to use my crock pot to make a traditional mulled wine for Christmas. I sourced a number of recipes and came up with this

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  1. Make the tea. Let it steep and cool slightly. Add to crock pot. (I added about 4 cups).
  2. Cut the lemons and oranges into slices. Add the red wine. Add the brandy (cognac could be substituted).
  3. Add sugar to taste.
  4. Add cinnamon sticks and cloves.
  5. Heat in the crock pot for approximately 3 hours, or until warmed. (I was turning the pot on/off when the wine got too hot/cold during the evening).
  6. Note: Never let the wine mixture boil, or it will spoil. I used home made wine that our friend had given us. I used Ginger Tea, but any herbal tea could be used ~ or ~ for a different taste, use orange or pineapple juice.