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This is really an excellent recipe. It's available throughout the Internet. I have a few suggestions. Make sure the mangoes are ripe but still pretty firm. The recipe says hard, but hard mangoes are not as flavorful, so try for the mid-point. Keep the heat to a simmer and don't cook it too much or it will turn to mush. Secondly, when you simmer the chutney the first time, keep the lid off the pot so that it can cook down. I think it's also a little too hot, so I recommend you cut the red pepper flakes down a little bit and then add some more during the second time you cook it if you want it hotter. It makes three and a half PINT jars, not 4 half-pint (one cup) jars. It's really simple to make and worth the effort.

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Mary Leverington June 18, 2006

With mangos plentiful in the store, I picked up a few to try my hand at making this. The results were a deliciously flavored chutney that we shall enjoy. I got 4 half pint jars or 2 pint jars from mine!

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**Angie** July 24, 2009

Wowza! what a sensational taste! I had only used a store bought chutney before--never again! The red pepper is perfect, unless you like it very mild, but I wouldn't change a thing. I made half of this recipe expecting to get nearly 2 pints, one for a friend and the rest for me. I followed the suggestion to let it cook down with the lid off for the first simmer. I got exactly 1 pint or 400ml. So the author is correct in 4 half pint jars for the full recipe. This was simple and straight forward to make and delicious! * tip* do all the chopping, dicing and grating the night before and it's a pleasure to put together the next day. cheers

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red_baron June 27, 2006
Traditional Mango Chutney