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Very good lasagna, did use half cottage cheese and half ricotta, and used only ground beef,don't care for sausage that much, if sauce is to thick add alittle water or more tomato sauce, thanks for the recipe

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marybeth April 23, 2003

This is a great recipe. The provolone is a wonderful addition that I've never seen before. I did make a few changes of my own that I thought added to the flavor for those with the ingredients and inclination. First, my family are garlic lovers so I increased the amount to 5 cloves (fresh). We also love onion so I added a small yellow one. I had some fresh basil and oregano left over from a prior recipe so I added about a teaspoon of each of those. I couldn't find ricotta in an 8 oz. portion and didn't want to waste any so I used 16 oz. of that and 16 oz. of cottage cheese. Occasionally I also add 4 or 5 finely chopped button mushrooms just for something different. I'm way lazy when it comes to the noodles and always use "oven ready." I can't tell a difference. And one last thing for anyone who uses "preground" pepper - freshly ground is much more pungent and can really make or break a dish although sometimes you'll need to use less to avoid the burn. Again, a fantastic recipe, I just like to experiment and hope others might find the ideas useful.

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a_webgal March 29, 2016

My husband & I were disappointed. Traditional Lasagna does not have cottage cheese in it, & it made it have some liquid pockets. No provolone either. A very mediocre recipe.

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mojavemoon56 January 10, 2016

Made this for Christmas Party it was a HIT! I did use hot sausage, extra garlic and mozzarella also added onion.

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dianawilliams January 01, 2015

This deserves 5 stars. I made this for our Christmas Eve dinner. It was the bomb. Even hubby liked it and he only likes his recipe. I am not a big lasagna fan, until now that is. Thank you Carrie Ann for making my Christmas.

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Homey December 28, 2013

add some spinach and this is my favorite lasagna recipe! thank you for posting this one!

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nikinpsycholand April 23, 2013

This recipe is definitely excellent! I love the pasta sauce! I might use it in other recipes. The only thing I changed was I added onions. Mmmmmm!

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mirespada June 22, 2011

This is an absolutely beautiful lasagna! I don't mean it just looks good; from the aroma when it is cooking to the last bite it is incredible! I used italian sausage along with the ground beef, otherwise I followed the recipe. I put both the meat sauce and cheese mixture together in the morning and let them sit in the fridge. That evening I boiled the noodles, put everything together and put it back into the fridge. The next day I let the lasagna sit out for about 45 minutes and then cooked as directed. Delicious! Everyone was oohing and ahhing. After they ate they were moaning, cause they eat so much!

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cgmonster March 27, 2011

Outstanding! I have made this several times, each time to rave reviews. I only made a couple of minor changes, as others suggested; sauteed onion and garlic first, then added the meat. I also used more mozzarella, but that's a personal preference.

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Marianne #4 March 22, 2011

I love lasagna and love trying different recipes sometimes from my own....and this one did not let me down...It was absolutely delicious !!! I didn't do too much different than how the recipe is written. I did use an extra clove of garlic and a small chopped onion. I had sauteed them along with the meats. And as another reviewer had done, I had used 16oz Cottage Cheese and 15oz Ricotta. This just makes it so there is no little bits of leftovers of those cheeses. Plus I used 5 cups of the mozzarella...only because I love cheese and it didn't seem enough with just 1 cup on top. And I only had 15 oz cans of tomato sauces so I had used 2 for a total of 30 oz instead of 24 oz. I found I had to put on a cover lightly over the sauce while it was simmering because it was spitting all over the place. (ouch) The flavors were so great together and made this a fantastic lasagna. We were only two for lunch but I always freeze the rest in portions for 2 people and they always turn out fantastic when reheated.
I didn't finish my review and it got submitted ..while I was still typing and wouldn't let me back in to finish.....grrrr..... But would like to say thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe Carrie...we love it.

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FrenchBunny March 15, 2011
Traditional Lasagna