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This is nice for sure but I think it lacks a little "umph". I think I'd add steel cut oats, here I addes just a bit of regular oats and used organic flours. Yea, needs steel cut oats and a bit more buttermilk or soak the oats maybe.. Looks pretty ;-)

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Maine Sailor Chef January 11, 2010

I love bread, and I like my bread wheaty, dense, and crusty, so I figured this would be a good recipe for me. I will probably try this again, and I expect it will be better as I adapt my technique. I used the full 4 cups of buttermilk, and not only was my dough not sticky, it was pretty dry and floury. I don't know if this was my kneading technique, dry weather, the fact that I haven't made bread in a while and so don't have any intuitive sense of proportion, or what. I found that the finished bread has a soft, flavorful interior that is wonderful when complemented by lots of fresh sweet butter and some Irish cheddar. The crust, though, is really thick, hard, and not very tasty. I will try to experiment with this again. Note: this recipe is not joking about a "large bowl." I used a huge tublike bowl I usually use for rinsing large quantities of greens, and that worked well.

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Nose October 23, 2004
Traditional Irish Brown Bread