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What extra effort? It was a very easy and fast dish to prepare. It's nice to see a recipe for Chicken Divan that doesn't contain canned soup. Basically, when you cook melted butter and flour in equal parts, you are making a roux. I would only add that it is not necessary to use a separate pan to make the sauce. I browned the chicken breasts in a stainless steel frying pan and used the same pan to make the sauce. The added bonus to this method is that you are getting all of the flavor from the chicken that is left in the crispy bits at the bottom of the pan. Less dishes to wash as well.

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janet.paton_12644926 October 28, 2013

Fabulous! This recipe was exactly what I was looking for! Had 3 very large chicken breasts that I had boiled the night before and needed to find a recipe to use them in. Didn't have the exact ingredients but it didn't matter! Here's how I did it: used boiled shredded chicken breasts, a bag of frozen broccoli cooked on the stove top and drained, used vegetable broth because it was all I had, used half milk and half heavy cream (needed to use it up), used cooking white wine instead of sherry (thought I had sherry but it was the wine, oh well), and used colby/monterey jack cheese in the sauce and sharp cheese on top. Made in 2 8x8 pans like another reviewer suggested. I was worried I wouldn't have enough sauce since I had a lot of chicken so I used extra milk and extra cheese and it turned out great! The point is this recipe is forgiving when you don't have the right ingredients on hand. I can't wait to make it with the sherry. Thank you so much for this recipe!

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mybirdzone April 14, 2009

Simple and delicious - what more can one ask for? I hate all that canned soupery that goes on around here - does anyone ever read the ingredients? YUCK, I'm not feeding my family chemicals and for an extra five minutes it takes to do this, there's really no excuse. YUM! :)

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GrumpyIrishLady March 14, 2010

I cut this recipe down for one, and it is definitely comfort food. I will thicken up the sauce a bit more next time, because the sauce really thinned while in the oven. But the flavors are all there, and this was a very enjoyable dinner. I used "real" sherry, not cooking sherry and that reduced the sodium content and really increased the flavor. Easy enough to make on a weeknight too. Thanks for sharing! Made for the Naked Recipe Event in the Photo Forum.

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breezermom September 06, 2012

Whohoo! A great chicken divan recipe without the canned ingredients! The whole family loved this. I served it with rice. I didn't have sherry, so I used some red cooking wine instead. I can't have chicken divan without curry powder, so I added 1/2 tsp of that as well to the sauce. I used raw milk smoked cheddar cheese in place of the sharp (b/c that's what I had in the fridge), and it was excellent! Only thing I might do different next time is to take the advice of other comments and add a little more broth and milk so make a little extra sauce. We'll have this many times again!

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Christie in GA November 23, 2010

This is exactly what I was looking for - a chicken divan recipe without any weird additives! I like to make this with low-fat milk and low-fat cheddar. Also, instead of using broth, I make the sauce in the pan I browned the chicken in, and increase the milk and sherry a tad. Thanks for sharing a winner.

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Marina K November 15, 2010

Very good recipe! I wanted a chicken divan recipe like I remember my mom making--not the kind full of canned cream soup, mayo, and/or processed cheese spread. I used low fat milk and 2% shredded sharp cheddar cheese to cut down on calories a bit and reduced the butter to 2 Tbsp. I think next time I will use water instead of broth b/c it made the sauce a bit saltier than I usually like but that's just my personal preference. I used 2 left over baked chicken breasts from the previous night and put ~1 cup of leftover steamed brown rice on the bottom of the baking dish. The sauce spread down over the rice while cooking and everything tasted great! This recipe is just a little more work than the kind full of processed junk, tastes so much better and is much better for you!

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~MollyM October 11, 2009

This was a very good, "from scratch" version. The sauce was easy to prepare and tasted very nice. I would make this again. Next time I will brown the chicken for less time - 5 minutes per side I think may have been a bit too long, considering the 30-45 minutes of additional cooking time in the oven.

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HeatherFeather November 22, 2008

I doubled the recipe for my family. I followed the recipe as written. My family didn't think the chicken had much of a taste to it. If I made this again, I would season the chicken with pepper and garlic while browning. The sauce was good but did get runny during baking.

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bmcnichol November 07, 2013

This was pretty good and simple to make. I have to admit I strayed from the original recipe a bit. I did add some curry powder and omitted the sherry and nutmeg since I didn't have any. I was scared of not having enough sauce, and I think I ended up with too MUCH sauce. Husband and son really enjoyed this.

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Christina Sue February 23, 2011
Traditional Chicken Divan